D&B Corporate Linkage
Identification is critical, but only D&B Corporate Linkage can provide the transparency and insight you need
If you need to rapidly identify, describe and link corporate entities together on a global level, D&B’s Corporate Linkage gives you this insight at your fingertips with access to over 250 million businesses and hundreds of thousands of corporate linkages enabling you to see relationships you can’t see anywhere else.
Corporate linkage is the relationship between different companies within a corporate family. Linkage occurs in the D&B database when one business entity "controls" another business entity because it has financial or legal responsibility for another business, creating a Headquarters/Branch or Parent/Subsidiary relationship.

Confidence is seeing the bigger picture

D&B Corporate Linkage can help you to get a complete picture of your overall credit risk to identify new sales opportunities, conflict-of-interest to avoid situations and to negotiate better purchasing conditions. Corporate family relationships are the current relationships between legal entities within a corporate structure. 
D&B Corporate Linkage is the most complete and reliable source for understanding the Indian and foreign relations of your business partners, ranging from the smallest one-man business with one branch office to the largest multinationals with thousands of branches.
Corporate family relationships are easily identified by Dun & Bradstreet through the use of D&B D-U-N-S® Numbers. Since each unit or location of a business may have its own unique D&B D-U-N-S® Number, a large organization or company may have many different D&B D-U-N-S® Numbers within its corporate “family.” We use Corporate Linkage to enable our customers to view their total risk or opportunity across related businesses.
Key Highlights: D&B Corporate Linkage
Allows you to make better-informed decisions
Allows you to assess the overall corporate exposure within a corporate family
Is an important sales prospecting tool as it allows you to identify potential up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
Provides information to help meet "Know Your Customer" requirements
Gives you the ability to easily integrate into systems and replace other linkage vendors
D&B Corporate Linkage can be accessed through many of our services.  Contact us to discuss the best service to meet your needs.
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