D&B Ratings
D&B Ratings can help you quickly assess a firm's size and composite credit appraisal, based on information in a company's
interim or fiscal balance sheet and an overall evaluation of the firm's creditworthiness.

Helping you to Decide with Confidence

Dun & Bradstreet provides Scores and Ratings to help you identify organisations that are likely to fail or pay late, or will want to purchase their goods / services. This helps you to drive growth and increase profitability by:
  • Allowing automated decisions for increased efficiency, which will free up valuable resources to focus on more important decisions
  • Enabling more consistent decisions across the entire organisation
  • Applying scores across an entire portfolio to quickly identify risk and opportunity
  • Allowing faster processing of large volumes of transactions

D&B Rating – Identify Credit-Worthiness Quickly

The D&B Rating provides a quick and clear indication of the credit-worthiness of an organisation, which helps you to identify profitable opportunities for growth, and risks that could affect bad debt and cashflow.
The D&B Rating has long been recognised as the leading predictive indicator for evaluating business risks. The evaluations are based on the most comprehensive, up-to-date information. The D&B Rating converts all kinds of separate information into a clear appraisal of a company's performance.
Dun & Bradstreet examines the factors for each country which are most determining for risk evaluation and business insolvencies. The analytical method is universal, so, although determined on a country-specific basis, each D&B Rating is internationally comparable.
The D&B Rating consists of two parts, namely the ‘financial strength’ code (based on net shareholders' equity) and the ‘Risk Indicator’ to indicate the risk.
Financial strength
Risk Indicator
  • Financial strength
  • Composite Appraisal / Condition
In the example above, the D&B Indicative Risk Rating of 2A4 indicates that the company has a Tangible Net Worth between INR 12,919,000 and INR 64,594,999, as per latest available audited financial statements with a Composite Appraisal 4 indicating significant level of trading risk.

Financial Strength

The following table shows the relationship between the Financial Strength indicator and an organisation’s Tangible Net Worth:
Financial Strength Indicator Tangible Worth (In INR)
Net Worth From To
5A 645,950,000 And Above
4A 129,190,000 645,949,999
3A 64,595,000 129,189,999
2A 12,919,000 64,594,999
1A 7,751,400 12,918,999
B 3,875,700 7,751,399
C 1,219,900 3,875,699
D 516,760 1,219,899
E 155,028 516,759
F 51,676 155,027
G Up to 51,676
Alternate Symbols Used
- Used when information available is insufficient or does not permit assignment of a rating. This is also used for businesses that have been trading for a relatively short period. Other reasons are negative net worth, recent inception, winding up proceedings
NQ Not Quoted. Businesses that ceased operations or gone out of business are also assigned a Not-Quoted rating
N Negative Net Worth
ER Certain businesses (according to SIC) are not active seekers of commercial credit and thus do not lend themselves to a D&B rating

Composite Appraisal / Condition

The Composite Appraisal / Condition is linked to the level of risk and is an overall evaluation of credit worthiness. It takes into account the financial condition and several factors such as trade reference history, legal structure, management experience and any adverse listings.
Risk Indicator Profitibility of failure Giude of interpretation
1 Minimal risk May proceed with transaction -
offer extended terms if required
2 Low risk May proceed with transaction
3 Slightly greater than average risk May proceed with transaction but monitor closely
4 Significant level of risk May take suitable assurance before extending credit - e.g. personal guarantees
- Insufficient information to assign a rating No public information or D&B proprietary information available to indicate trading activity
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