India’s Top 500 companies are the driving force of the Indian economy, they contribute to almost one-thirds of India’s gross tax revenue, about 30% of the country’s exports, 10% of employment, 90% of the aggregate market capitalization and about 20% of India’s GDP (as of March 2015). An impact of such magnitude, truly earns India’s Top 500 Companies the sobriquet of ‘The Torchbearers of India Inc.’ Since 1997, Dun & Bradstreet India’s (D&B India) acclaimed publication, ‘India’s Top 500 Companies’ has played the role of a ready reckoner of Corporate India’s fore-runners. The publication profiles India’s reputable and top-performing companies on the basis of various financial parameters. To mark the milestone of having completed 15 years, this year’s publication will be a special edition, with content going beyond the conventional overviews, insights, listings and profiles.
The ‘Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Awards seeks to recognize and felicitate Corporate India’s leading companies across various sectors. The Awards event is closely tied to the publication, India’s Top 500 Companies. Therefore, the base universe of the companies considered for the Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Awards is made of the top 500 companies of India featuring in the publication.
The publication India’s Top 500 Companies is broadly divided into the following sections:
  • Economy Update
  • Insights
    • India’s Top 500 Companies ‘Then and Now’: 1997 vs 2016
    • Overview of the Top 500 Companies
    • Quarterly Update
  • Corporate Awards 2016
  • Expert’s View
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India’s Top 500 Awards Categories:
  • Asset Quality
  • Agro Chemicals
  • Auto Components
  • Automobile - Two/Three Wheelers
  • Automobiles
  • Banks
  • Batteries
  • Bearings
Winner List
Our Methodology
Dun & Bradstreet India has developed a proprietary quantitative model based on various parameters for identifying the top 500 companies in India. The main criteria used for ranking in the D&B’s publication ‘India’s Top 500 Companies’ are total income, net profit and net worth. It includes both private sector companies as well as public sector enterprises (PSEs) that are listed on main stock exchanges. The companies were short listed on the basis of their market capitalization on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange, India’s two main stock exchanges.
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Event Videos
India's Top 500 Companies & Corporate Awards 2016
Top 500 - 2016 - Rishi Dave - Chief Marketing Officer - Dun & Bradstreet
Top 500 - 2016 - Rahul Bharti - VP Corp. Planning & Govt. Affairs - Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.