The creation of knowledge supports Dun & Bradstreet’s core purpose: Growing relationships through Data. We help our customers unlock the maximum value from their relationships—between data points, between businesses and between people. Leveraging the proven expertise in economic, corporate and industry research, we illuminate our customers’ paths towards growth by helping inform strategies, opportunities and decisions. Through the collection of whitepapers, stay abreast of the latest trends to build your client base.
CFO's Relationship Checklist: A Collaborative Path to Growth
Learn five relationship checklists that CFOs should use in order to create a collaborative path to growth across the enterprise
Lenders: 3 Tips for Higher Profit from Small Business
The overwhelming vibrancy, volume & variety of small businesses make this market very attractive to competing lenders. Up your game for higher profits
Need for Systematic Approach in Credit limit Setting
Minimize your financial risks and learn the key basics to consider when setting business credit limits for customers
The Art of Using Data to Nurture Your Best Leads
Get the essentials of data-inspired lead nurturing and unlock the relationship inside every prospect with this free e-book!
The Data-Inspired Art of Growing Customer Relationships
Learn how to engage self-educated customers with the new art of marketing, a discipline that uses data to build business relationships
Credit Departments as Drivers of Profitable Growth
Learn how the collaboration between credit and sales departments can drive business growth and spur profitability
Growth, Relationships and a New Dialogue for the Big Data Era
The secret to growth success is valuable business relationships. Dun & Bradstreet can help grow these relationships by uncovering truth and meaning from data
Enabling Commerce. Mitigating Business Fraud
Whitepaper on the strategies businesses can use to stop fraud without slowing commerce - including four principles that can significantly mitigate the risk of business fraud..