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In today’s information empowered world, businesses need to seize every opportunity to build relationships, generate goodwill, enhance thought leadership and earn the trust of customers. D&B Learning Solutions through its Conferences offers a unique opportunity for businesses to interact with brands, enrich their knowledge base and gain deeper understanding of various national and global perspectives. As a data inspired company, we specialize in creating concepts, building knowledge forums & conferences on a wide variety of subjects across sectors & functions.
These forums serve as an ideal platform for policy & market related discussions and provide valuable ground for business networking with key decision makers from Corporates, Regulators & Government bodies. Further, these conferences also help businesses create a wider awareness of their focus, viewpoints, personality, strengths, capabilities and products & services; amongst current and potential clients, investors, suppliers and other stakeholders.
D&B Learning Solutions organizes several national and regional level conferences, events and forums which act as a platform for thought leadership, facilitating companies reach-out to their target audience with ROI as an objective. These events witness some incisive presentations, insights, interesting lectures, talks, candid debates, panel discussions and Q&As alongside some best networking opportunities in business.
Our year round conferences offer two principal type of events
CXO Forums
Catalyst events for connecting leading executives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and investors together in a dynamic and interactive forum focused on delivering game-changing innovations that have the potential to shift the future of the Indian businesses.
Flagship Annual Conferences
Flagship events addressed by renowned speakers from some of today’s largest and most progressive organizations, Government bodies and growth companies. These conferences focus on specific themes, topical or specialist subjects.
The Dun & Bradstreet Experience
Each conference of ours, large or small, brings the unique Dun & Bradstreet knowledge network to life. Whenever and wherever you join us, you'll
Meet, absorb from and debate with speakers who are
the connoisseurs in their respective fields
Engage with fellow attendees in an intimate
interactive setting and build your business relationships
Dive deep into the real world insights and thoughts of top
creative minds and get exposed to new ideas
Revitalize your motivation for your career and
professional growth
Find endless opportunities to network with professional peers and industry stalwarts

Upcoming Conferences

February 7th, 2017
2nd Renewable Energy Conference 2017
Past Talks
We ask our top speakers to share pragmatic insights on various pertinent topics relevant to Indian business scenario.
The results are short, actionable talks that will help you kick your ideas into gear.
Kaushal Sampat
President & Managing Director
- Dun & Bradstreet India
At National Insurance Conclave: Mumbai, August 2015
Preeta Misra
Director - Learning Solutions
- Dun & Bradstreet India
At People Leader’s Summit
Shabana Aazmi
Padmabhushan Shabana Azmi Actor/ Activist - Mijwan Welfare Society
At Financial Inclusion Conclave: Azamgarh, 2015


Mr. Devapriya Guha, Alliance Director
HP, APAC, Accenture
I find your events to be very topical and aimed at clear target segments. The single biggest quality that I admire is the format; it allows busy people to participate. Another feature that really stand out is your ability to keep things going on schedule. Punctuality is a treasured quality and is appreciated. I wish the Dun & Bradstreet CXO Conferences every success.
Shri V K Sharma, Managing Director
Life Insurance Corporation of India
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to participate, interact and share my views with august professionals on our quest for market penetration and growth. The seminar was very well organised, informative and thought provoking. It is always refreshing to gather as a group of dedicated professionals with a common goal. It was an enriching experience at this seminar and I also got an opportunity to brush up my knowledge.

I hope that all of us had takeaways from this seminar which when implemented will lead to actual accomplishment of the theme of the seminar.
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