Build a best-in-class Channel Partner Ecosystem

Many businesses today find that the face of their company is presented to customers via third-party sales channel partners. Collaboration with channel partners is important to delivering differentiated value to customers. Hence it becomes critical for them to make a strategic alliance and establish a relationship of commitment, trust and cooperation with their distributors, resellers and dealers.
Channel partnerships are extremely diverse. While some partnerships emanate from unsolicited email enquiries, some from meeting a sales manager at a trade expo. In addition to such situations, sometimes a referral from another existing dealer helps initiating a partnership in a different region. Well, there is nothing wrong with such methods, in fact sometimes these are great ways of finding new channel partners. But the concern is not about how you find possible channel partner but more so whether they are going to be a good fit for your business model or not?
This is where Dun & Bradstreet’s Channel Partner Viability Study comes into play. With our global experience in Supply Risk Management Solutions and expertise on customized and actionable solutions, Dun & Bradstreet can integrate each client’s unique distribution management and collaboration challenges as we guide you through the channel partner management process.

Evolve your Channel Partner Program to meet the needs of a rapidly changing partner eco structure

Channel partners can play an important role in penetrating new markets and expanding existing customer relationships, allowing businesses to focus on other strategic imperatives and core competencies. They bring established local-level networks and are closer to customers. With Dun & Bradstreet’s Channel Partner Viability Study you will get a snapshot of the operational performance of the entire distribution network with deeper insights into to the region specific practices carried in different spheres of business.
The study further provides an overview of the financials of dealers and hence their actual productivity. You get a first hand analysis of demand for various products and various factors influencing the demand. Moreover, this model will help you set up new strategies for your products at local level and gain advantage in the highly competitive market. It will help you focus on areas of concern for the channel partners and come up with channel partner specific or region specific solutions to improve channel partner productivity and in turn your own profitability.

Help your Channel Partner to Grow

Dun & Bradstreet’s Channel Partner Viability Study provides you with access to our leading insight and information on over 285 million businesses globally and helps you in the following ways:
  • Get a holistic picture of operational performance of the dealership
  • Senior Management can have a macro level monitoring and control mechanism for all the functions and operations of their dealership.
  • It gives a clear view of the level of utilization of their resources and also the output derived from the resources.
  • This model provides a comprehensive view of the information system. It helps in monitoring the productivity of various resources employed and device action plan to improve the same.
  • The study highlights the key responsibilities and processes to be followed at across various levels of the organization.
  • It gives a comprehensive view of the steps to be taken in order to improve performance.
  • It helps understand the purpose and structure of various marketing and operational strategies by the management which in turn helps in better results

Key Highlights

Create a better partner experience
A detailed analysis to Improve profitability of channel partner
Identify opportunities to improve revenue from various streams.
Benchmark performance with peer group on various parameters of profitability, cost & productivity
Prepare blueprint for channel partner to improve ROIC from current level to targeted level

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