Sectoral Risk Outlook (SRO) reports enable the end-user to understand the performance of the sector under coverage by providing the latest available data along with comprehensive analysis relating to each parameter covered in the report. The report also provides our short to medium term outlook on the sector and the factors leading to the outlook.

Key End-Users:

Investment Banks
  • RHP
  • M&As
  • Fund Raising
  • Investor Roadshows
Corporates / SMEs
  • Investment Memorandums
  • Annual Reports
  • Expansion strategies
  • Fund raising activities
  • Corporate strategies & Peer Benchmarking
  • Marketing strategies
Banks /NBFCs/FI's
  • Restructuring/TEV studies
  • Greenfield/ Brownfield projects
PE Funds / FIIs
  • Investment viability
  • Investor Presentations/ Roadshows
Govt./ Association/ Institution
  • Sector coverage
  • Experts’ research and publications
  • Co-branding and industry analysis studies

Research Parameters
Use cases
  • Industry attractiveness and risk score
  • Historical market sizing and future prediction
  • Government policies and regulatory impact
  • Peer performance and benchmarking
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Industry viability
  • Leverage impact analysis
  • Ratio analysis
  • Expert opinion and outlook

Customized Research Solutions

  • Clients are engaged in a pre-mandate session to understand the requirement of the study in detail
  • SRO reports are customized to meet the end-user’s specific requirement. Requirements considered can include specific niche products and services, regional specifications and market analysis, foreign trade data related with specific countries, raw material sourcing related to specific industries, supply-chain analysis amongst others
  • Reports are customized keeping the end-user requirement i.e. from a marketing, investment, pitch document or a sole research perspective
  • Regional Customization – Reports include market sizing, demand-supply factors and competitive scenario specific to states, cities and localities apart from at a macro level.
  • Product / Service customization – Focus is laid on specific products / services of the sector as per the requirement of the client. For example, SSP (in fertilizers), Industrial filtration (in industrial equipment), PV cells (in Solar energy) and Industrial robotics (in capital goods)
  • Any other customization desired by the client

Why should you go for a D&B Sectoral Risk Outlook?

Wide coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage of over 50 sectors and 200 sub-sectors
  • Capable of providing customized research and insights into some of the most niche segments
Research Experience
  • Providing industry research for a decade
  • Experienced upswings and downswings of the economy
  • Insightful into performance of industries in varied economic scenarios
Reliable & Authenticated Data
  • Globally recognized database
  • Data collected over years of analysis
  • Data in reports backed by authenticated sources and methodologies
  • Our motto – “Growing relationships through Data”
Qualified Experts
  • Sectoral expertise
  • Highly qualified
  • High experience
  • Deep knowledge of niche industries
Unbaised View
  • Unique business model
  • No personal interest in a particular industry / sub-sector