Transforming Credit Management

Discover D&B PRISM and transform the way of credit risk management

D&B PRISM, a web-based credit risk management solution backed by Dun & Bradstreet's robust data and unmatched analysis, enables you to better understand payment performance across your customer portfolio, and identify areas of risk and opportunity - leading to improved decision making while extending credit, and enables you to make policy changes which best suit the requirements of business to have a more sustained growth with right set of customers.

D&B PRISM provides answers to critical questions such as

  • Do you have access to credible, reliable and updated information that will help you understand your customer's background?
  • Do you understand the potential risks your customers can pose and to what extent?
  • Do you benchmark them against the portfolio? Do you have a consolidated view of your customers and their entire portfolio?
  • How do you use trends to determine what credit and collection policy changes are necessary?
  • How do you segment the portfolio with regards to risk and opportunity?
  • What is your monitoring process?
  • Can you benchmark, compare your customers with other industry peers?

Financial Risk Assessment Data: The way you want to see it

D&B PRISM provides a quick and powerful dashboard overview of risk exposure from your existing customer base. Your customers are profiled using Dun & Brad- street credit scores, as well as your customised segments, regions, credit exposure, financial risk assessments, and historical parameters showing how your portfolio is performing over time.
Further analysis, based on your own customer transactional data combined with trended analysis, can also help you review performance of credit and collections strategies, and understand trend performance within your portfolio.

Get a “big picture” view of your customer portfolio's credit performance with D&B PRISM.

Get a “big picture” view of your customer portfolio's credit performance with D&B PRISM. Identify trends across your portfolio with one-click reports that merges data from your customers with Dun & Bradstreet data and analysis to arrive at actionable insights, making it easier to actively monitor your customers and track performances at aggregate level.
Risk Reports
Strategically adjust policies based on risk distribution and changes in risk. Highlight risk and opportunity in your portfolio.
Exposure Reports
Prioritize collections, manage credit limits,  and maintain the right amount of exposure based on a proactive risk approach. Identify risk exposure by group, outstanding and aging debt, as well as credit limit utilization.
Product Highlights
D&B PRISM lets you
Identify your risk online and understand exposure across your entire portfolio
Make timely informed decisions using Dun & Bradsreet's data and unmatched analysis
Transforming data into insight for future business performance and growth
Track significant changes and configure alerts as per need of the business
Create customizable user-specific reports and data summary to share across your organization
You need to see it to believe it.
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