I want to optimize the results of my marketing campaigns.
Selecting the right target group is the key to success for every marketing campaign. It assures a high response and lower costs. A direct marketing or telemarketing campaign is expensive, so a wide reach and high conversion rate are extremely important.
Targeted prospecting
If you do not want to use a shotgun approach or if you are not willing to wait for stacks of postal returns, you need D&B. The D&B database assures you of high-quality prospect files with a high likelihood of conversion. D&B's tools make it easy for you to produce a profile of your best customers and to enter a search string to find prospects with the same profile in the D&B database. You can quickly and simply select your target group on the basis of numerous criteria. You can also make use of D&B's expertise for analyses and advice on smart prospecting.
Keep your data clean, complete, accurate and up to date. A contaminated prospect database or customer database results in you missing opportunities and incurring unnecessary costs.
DM campaign
Mailing to the wrong addresses or irrelevant prospects is a waste of money and leads to a low response and ROI.
Make a profile of your best customers and search the D&B database for similar prospects, with a high likelihood of scoring.
Telemarketing is not cheap. High-quality data providing the right telephone number and contact person (DMU) is essential for success.
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