I want to integrate D&B data in my business systems
Feeding your business systems with accurate, complete, up-to-date and consistent information is extremely important for practically all your business processes. It enables you to use your systems and applications more effectively and efficiently.
Access data in your own applications
You can benefit in numerous ways from using relevant external information and consolidating it in your systems. You keep your database clean throughout your organisation. You can validate and enhance your customer details and prospect information from within your CRM application. Information becomes accessible in your own ERP environment and you can use it to automate your acceptance process and improve your score model. Your management reports will acquire added value and you will create business intelligence. You can use D&B data in a simple, flexible and cost-effective manner, whenever you like and in the system of your choice! For example, links are provided to Exact, Salesforce.com, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Onguard and CreditTools.
Plug-in or custom-built integration
A standard plug-in is available for many applications. For other applications or if more customisation is necessary, a customised link can be built using web services.
Data cleansing
Check, improve, enhance and analyse data before you import them into your systems. This enables you to keep your database clean and up to date.
You can automatically integrate valuable D&B information in your critical business applications. All the information required is available in a single environment.
Business Intelligence
Combine external data with your own international information and create valuable analyses and reports.
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