SME Cluster Series 2013 - Nashik

SME Cluster Series 2013 : Nashik


Objective of the Study

The objective of the current project is to conduct a diagnostic study of the Nashik cluster with a view to develop a one-point reference document which will provide a platform to highlight the operational aspects of prominent industries present in the cluster.


1. Desk Research

A detailed review of relevant literature for the Nashik cluster was conducted at this stage. This was complemented by a literature review of the prominent industries in the cluster.

2. Questionnaire Development

In-depth desk research was conducted to construct a detailed questionnaire for the survey, focusing on companies operating across various sectors. A survey of MSMEs through the means of a structured interview was conducted for fulfilling the objective.

3. Survey

The survey was conducted on companies across sectors, operating in the cluster; which were randomly selected. The survey was done by a market research agency.

Companies fulfilling the criteria of having annual turnover below ` 1,000 mn for FY12 and engaged in manufacturing activities as also service providers were selected for the study.

4. Collation of Information

All data and information gathered through surveys, information available in public domain, data gathered from firms, etc was collated for the study.

5. Analysis of data and information

All information was scrutinised and analysed to explore the dynamics of the cluster.

6. Report Writing

The outcome of the project including the analysis, results and key findings were written in the form of the current report.