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The impact of Coronavirus on your client's business that can affect your pipeline

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Dun & Bradstreet Is Monitoring the Global Impact to Businesses

Due to the current coronavirus situation, millions of companies globally have been affected wherein most companies are unaware of their true business pipeline risk exposure.

Our complimentary Pipeline Health Scan Report can help you –

  • Prioritize target accounts and opportunities to pursue based on risk

  • Allocate paid media budget to targets with the least amount of disruption to increase marketing ROI

  • Shift sales activities to opportunities that are less likely to have disruptions and fill pipeline gaps

Understand Pipeline Risks for Your Customers & Suppliers with Our Data and Analytical Insights

Let Dun & Bradstreet help you understand the hidden risk in your sales pipeline with our Pipeline Health Scan. This complimentary report identifies which of your opportunities are tied to customers in areas and industries affected by the coronavirus.

Act quickly to help protect your business from potential implications of the coronavirus.