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The Indian Healthcare and Pharma sector has been playing a critical role in driving the growth of the Indian economy and is considered as the key enabler for the vision of India becoming a USD 5 trillion economy in the coming years. The sector plays a crucial role in job creation, investments, innovation, and ESG, among other focus areas.

Dun & Bradstreet India is pleased to announce the inaugural edition of "Healthcare & Pharma Summit 2023" with the theme of "Prescription for Future Growth". The summit will feature keynote addresses from eminent dignitaries, government, industry veterans and other distinguished thought leaders. The summit will also feature the release of the premium publication "India's Leading Healthcare & Pharma Companies 2023"

The summit will have participation from across the Healthcare & Pharma sector.


Formulations, API, Contract resarch & manufacturing Vaccines, Biologics & Biosimilars


Hospitals, Health centers, Diagnostics, Wellness and prevention, IT & Technology, Insurance, Health-tech


Medical Equipment, Surgical and Laboratory instruments, Single use devises, Implants, Imaging, PPE

The summit will deliberate upon the following topics

  • ESG in Healthcare and Pharma
  • Affordable healthcare services in India - A distant dream or reality?
  • How are technology and analytics re-shaping the healthcare and pharma industry
  • The next big growth opportunities for the Indian healthcare industry
  • Supply Chain Resiliency for Indian Healthcare & Pharma – Focus on regional dependencies


Jayesh Ranjan IAS
Industries & Commerce (I&C) Department and
Information Technology
Electronics and Communications (ITE&C) Department

Dr. Arun Singh
Global Chief Economist
Dun & Bradstreet

Vipul Oberoi
Director of Marketing
CSR & Learning Solutions
Dun & Bradstreet India

Praveena Gundiah
Commercial Director
Iron Mountain (India) Private Limited

Sunil Kumar Raja Pudota
Head - Automation
Cloud 4C

Prem Nithin R
Director - Sales
Emerging India
SAARC, Fortinet

Venkateshwar Rao Mallam
General Manager - IT
Aurobindo Pharma Limited

Abdullah Saleem
Group Chief Information Officer
Omni Hospitals

Pavan Chavvakula
Chief Digital Innovation
Apollo Health & Lifestyle Limited

Ashish Shekhar
Group Chief Information Officer
Maskon Group of Companies

Vijay Seshan
National Manager - Enterprise Accounts
Iron Mountain (India) Private Limited

Dr. Karan Thakur
Group Lead – Sustainability &
ESG & Vice President – Public Affairs
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

Dr. Srikanth Vodnala
Chief Operating Officer
TX Hospitals

Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi
Chief Executive Officer
Aurobindo Pharma Limited

Rakesh Sablok
Biogene Labs India Private Limited
Sentier Consulting and Healthcare

Rahul Datta
Chief Operating Officer
Fernandez Hospitals
(Units of Fernandez Foundation)

Sudeepta Veerapaneni
Supply Chain & Network Operations Practice

Arun Kumar
Vice President & Head SCM
Metro Chem API Private Limited

P V Raju
Senior Vice President Supply Chain
Biological E Limited

Ram Kumar
Global Head - Manufacturing Science Technology
Group (MSTG) OSD & Sterile, Cipla

Abhirup Das
Chief Operating Officer




Healthcare and pharma companies are adopting big data analytics to deliver real-time insights from very large data sets. The current trend is towards digitization of large amounts of data and leveraging the potential of analytics and business intelligence. Analyzing the available data with the best modern practices helps not only to reduce costs of delivery but also helps in improving delivery of healthcare & pharmaceutical products & services

  • Emerging technology and analytics innovation in Indian healthcare & pharma: The impact on the workforce, organization, partnerships and solutions
  • Challenges for implementing technology and analytics in Indian healthcare & pharma spectrum
  • AI innovation in healthcare services: Opportunities, challenges, and way forward
  • Data integrity and data privacy: Indian pharma and healthcare perspective

Moderator: Mr. Vipul Oberoi, Director - Marketing, CSR & Learning Solutions, Dun & Bradstreet India

  • Mr. Venkateshwar Rao Mallam, General Manager - IT, Aurobindo Pharma Limited
  • Mr. Abdullah Salem, Group Chief Information Officer, Omni Hospitals
  • Mr. Pavan Chavvakula, Chief Digital Innovation, Apollo Health & Lifestyle Limited
  • Mr. Ashish Shekhar, Group Chief Information Officer, Maskon Group of Companies
  • Mr. Vijay Seshan, Regional Manager, Iron Mountain (India) Private Limited

ESG needs to be at core for any healthcare & pharmaceutical organization that wishes to continue offering high quality products, treatment, and services. The healthcare & pharma industry has deep rooted ESG issues that challenge sustainability. Overcoming these challenges requires collaborative partnership across the spectrum of stakeholders

  • ESG in Indian healthcare & pharma ecosystem: Status quo and outlook
  • Challenges faced by Indian healthcare & pharma for ESG compliance - data quality and credibility
  • Supplier due diligence, risk mapping, monitoring and engagement
  • Social angle of ESG: Positioning of Indian Healthcare & Pharma
  • Sustainable resource management practices

Moderator: Dr. Karan Thakur, Group Lead – Sustainability & ESG & Vice President – Public Affairs, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals


  • Dr. Srikanth Vodnala, Chief Operating Officer, TX Hospitals
  • Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi, Chief Executive Officer - Aurobindo Pharma Limited
  • Mr. Rakesh Sablok, Director, Biogene Labs India Private Limited and Sentier Consulting and Healthcare
  • Mr. Rahul Datta, Chief Operating Officer, Fernandez Hospitals (Units of Fernandez Foundation)

Indian pharmaceutical industry is the third largest in the world by volume. India exported pharmaceutical products worth 24.6 billion USD in FY22. India is import dependent for few Key starting materials (KSM), drug intermediates (DI) and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). Imports of pharmaceutical products accounted for ~9.5 bln USD for FY22 with high reliance on China. To reduce import dependence, the government has implemented various schemes to attract large investments in the healthcare and pharma sector. Hence there is increased focus on domestic sourcing of raw material.

  • Identification and management of healthcare & pharma supply chain risks
  • Government push: What next after PLI schemes to catapult India as global mfg. destination
  • Healthcare & Pharma compliance checks & controls: Focus on supply chain
  • Supplier onboarding: Assessment of new and existing suppliers or channel partners for financial and non-financial parameters

Moderator: Ms. Sudeepta Veerapaneni, Supply Chain & Network Operations Practice, Deloitte


  • Mr. Arun Kumar, Vice President & Head SCM, Metro Chem API Private Limited
  • Mr. P V Raju, Senior Vice President Supply Chain, Biological E Limited
  • Mr. Ram Kumar, Global Head - Manufacturing Science Technology Group (MSTG) OSD & Sterile, Cipla
  • Mr. Abhirup Das, Chief Operating Officer, Oren

  • Push for localization: How is the Government supporting "Aatmanirbhar" campaign in Healthcare & Pharma ecosystem? (PLI, Government support)
  • Role of IT & data in Indian Healthcare & Pharma sector: How IT is revolutionizing Indian Healthcare delivery
  • Affordable healthcare in India – How can private-public partnership help create a winning combination
  • Chief Guest: Mr. Jayesh Ranjan IAS Principal Secretary to Government of Telangana Industries & Commerce (I&C) Department & Information Technology, Electronics and Communications (ITE&C) Department


  • Decision makers across the healthcare and pharma spectrum
  • Key management personnel from technology enablers
  • Founders / Co-founders from health-tech companies
  • Senior officials from central & state government ministries and departments
  • Regulatory and decision-making bodies
  • Key personnel from ESG solution providers
  • Key technology personnel within the healthcare and pharma spectrum (CTOs, CIOs, CDOs)
  • Key personnel from financial services institutions – (Banks, NBFCs, PE/VCs)

WHY join us?


Meet industry experts and key dignitaries at one place, one platform


Gain insights from the opportunities and challenges


Understand the latest trends


Platform which acts as a springboard for new products / services


Gain mindshare and timeshare in the eyes of prospects / existing clients


Presentation through multiple formats to help transform your business


The publication will capture the pulse and the dynamics of Indian corporates and feature their views and outlook for the industry. The publication will be circulated to CXOs of leading healthcare and pharma companies, government ministries, and others. The publication will list leading companies within the Healthcare and Pharma sector.

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