The Indian startup ecosystem has grown at an exponential rate in recent years. With 94,000+ DPIIT recognized startups, India has the world’s third largest startup ecosystem until March 2023. Number of unicorns added in India outpaced China for the second consecutive year in 2022. In the last three years, India has seen the birth of 81 unicorns, bringing the country's total unicorn valuation to US$ 345 billion. While these figures paint a positive picture of India as a startup nation, they also highlight the importance of an ecosystem that fosters innovation and ambition. Through the implementation of progressive policies and the development of relevant infrastructure, the Government of India plays a critical role in facilitating the growth of early-stage startups. Startup India is one of the few initiatives that have become a globally recognized journey of India’s fast paced innovating and resilient entrepreneurial ecosystem.

About LEAP India Startup Summit 2023

Recognizing the revolution of startups in India, Dun & Bradstreet India is pleased to organize the first ever ‘LEAP India Startup Summit 2023’ on the theme "Unlocking India’s True Potential" on June 16, 2023, at Hotel Taj MG Road, Bengaluru. The event will feature keynote addresses, panel discussions and knowledge sessions by several eminent dignitaries, including representatives from the Government, industry veterans, and other distinguished thought leaders. The event will also feature the felicitation of the Dun & Bradstreet ‘Startup 50: The Trailblazers’ and the release of the special report, ‘The Next Big Leap’.

What to expect

Inspirational Leaders and Influential Figures

Listen to top-notch dignitaries of the industry

Startup Showcases

Pitch sessions providing an excellent platform to gain visibility, receive feedback, and potentially secure funding or partnerships

Panel Discussions and Fireside Chats

Expert’s valuable insights and practical tips for startups to gain new perspective

Networking Opportunities

Network with the industry experts, fellow entrepreneurs, investors, media partners, potential partners, and many more

Gala Awards Night

‘Startup 50: The Trailblazers’ awards across industries with the launch of special report on the ‘The Next Big Leap’

Who Should Attend The Summit?

  • This is an ideal platform to meet and network with the best and brightest minds in the world of business and to deliberate on key aspect of achieving next level of business growth.
  • The Summit bring together the best-in-class of entrepreneurs, innovators, policy makers, startup enablers, financing firms and business consultants.

Emerging Business Entrepreneurs

Policy-Makers and Govt. Representatives

Enablers of Startup Ecosystems

Enterprise Professionals

Startup Financing Businesses

Business Consultants


Dr. Arun Singh
Global Chief Economist
Dun & Bradstreet

Ankur Pandey
Co-founder & CTO

Bhushan Patil
Multiply Ventures

Guhesh Ramanathan
CEO & Co- Founder
Excubator & SEA Fund

Parag Dhol
General Partner
Athera Venture Partners

Prateek Shukla
Co-Founder & CEO
Masai School

Rajesh Dembla
Investor and Entrepreneur & Founder

Sathvik Vishwanath
Co-founder & CEO

Sunil Jain
Sprout Capital Advisors LLP

Vinod Shankar
Co-founder & Partner
Java Capital

Vishwa Nath Jha
Founder & CEO




Unlocking India’s True Potential: The Startup Story

Startup Storytelling: Meet India’s NextGen Entrepreneurs

Startup Enablers: Empowering the Next Frontiers of Innovation

  • Mr. Manish Hingar, Founder, Fintoo

Brand Building: An Imperative for Newage Startups

Report Launch and Awards Ceremony

About the Report – ‘The Next Big Leap’

The report will showcase the most promising startups and their disruptive ideas along with the profiles of leading startups. The Dun & Bradstreet ‘The Next Big Leap’ report will be circulated among CXOs of leading corporates, Government ministries, and other leading corporates across India and abroad. The report will also be available on the Dun & Bradstreet website for download.

The report will broadly cover:

Impact of Startup on Indian Economy

Startup 50: The Trailblazer stories

Experts’ views and case studies of corporates

Felicitation of Startup 50: The Trailblazers

The Dun & Bradstreet ‘Startup 50: The Trailblazers’ is an endeavour to recognize the special achievement of startups and felicitate these entities across industries including:

Eligibility Criteria: The following are eligible to apply

  • Business incorporated or commenced on or after January 1, 2013
  • Annual Turnover of not exceeding Rs. 250 Crores for any of the financial year since inception
  • Entity should not have been formed by demerger or split or reconstruction of an existing business

Last date to submit the
nomination form is May 12, 2023

Nominate Now

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