Past Events

Event Name  City
"Session 1: Redefining Retail and E-commerce for the next normal Session 2: Meeting and exceeding customer expectations when moving from brick to click" online
 Transforming data to business intelligence Online
Accelerating Innovation and Streamlining Compliance for Medical Device Engineering online
Addressing Regulatory and Compliance Changes for Foreign Banks” Delhi,Mumbai,online
AI Driven Growth Strategies for Digital Native Businesses online
AWS Migration In-Residence Week online
Banking Roundtable Delhi,Mumbai,online
Beyond the Cloud: Optimizing IT Infrastructure with Cloud Computing online
BFSI Delhi,Mumbai,online
BFSI Awards Mumbai
BFSI Technology Roundtable 2018 Mumbai
Blockchain 2018 Mumbai
Blueprint of Future Secure Connected Enterprise online
Bond Maths online
Building always available, managed and secure IT infrastructure Delhi,Mumbai,online
Building Effective Business Cases online
Business Continuity Planning: Emerging Perspectives Delhi,Mumbai,online
Business Transformation Series 2018 Bengaluru
CFO Series 2018 Chennai,Delhi,Delhi ,Mumbai,Pune
CFO Series 2019 Ahmedabad,Bengaluru,Chennai,Delhi,Hyderabad,Mumbai,Pune
CFO Series 2019 Bangalore,Delhi,Gurgoan,Mumbai,South
CFO Series 2020 Delhi
Change Management: New Drivers of Business Dynamics online
CIO Series 2018 Bengaluru,Delhi,Gurgoan,Mumbai
CIO Series 2019 Bangalore,Delhi,Mumbai
CIO Series 2019 Bengaluru,Chennai,Delhi,Hyderabad,Kochi,Mumbai
CIO Series 2019 Delhi
CIO Series 2020 Mumbai
Cloud Migration - challenges, strategy and execution Online
Cloud Strategies for Success: Business Transformation through Purpose-Driven Cloud Migration online
Collaboration Series 2020 Getting back to business : unfolding ways through hybrid workplace. online
Corporate Awards 2019 Mumbai
Cost Management Strategies online
CTO Series 2018 Delhi,Hyd,Pune
CXO Series 2018 Ahmedabad,Bengaluru,Chennai,Delhi,Gurgaon,Gurgoan,Hyderabad,Mumbai,Pune,Sri Lanka
CXO Series 2019 Ahmedabad,Bengaluru,Chennai,Delhi,Delhi(NCR),Faridabad,Hosur,Mumbai,Nagpur,Pune
CXO Series 2019 Bangalore,Chennai,Hyderabad,Indore,Mumbai,Noida,Pune
CXO Series 2020 Chennai,Kochi,Kolkata,Mumbai,Pune
Data Transformation with Power Pivot & Power Query online
Delivering Secure Digital Workplace for New Ways of Working online
Delivering Superior Employee Experiences Amid Challenging Times online
Digital & Beyond: Charting a Course For Women Empowerment in the Digital Age online
Digital Transformation to Meet Business Objectives for Mid-Sized Companies online
Digital Transformation: Key Enabler for Sustainable Growth and Enhanced Competitiveness” Delhi,Mumbai,online
Digital Workplace Modernization – SMEs Rising to the Challenge online
Digital Workspace Forum Delhi
Driving the Digital Future of Financial Services Online
E-invoicing Strengthening GST Compliance using Technology Online
Enabling Remote Work with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) online
Enhancing Business Resumption Capabilities in the New Normal online
Essential HR Business Tools to Survive and Thrive online
Every Second Counts - Importance of Speed in Cyber Security online
Exporters Awards Mumbai
Family Owned Businesses: The Transition from Traditional Businesses to Future-Ready Enterprises online
Fast-track your Digital Transformation with SAP on Cloud online
Financial Analysis of Customers/Vendors Post Covid-19 online
Financial Modeling and Valuation using Excel Spreadsheets online
Financial Risk Analytics online
Financial Services Roundtable Bengaluru,Mumbai
Fintech Roundtable 2020 Pune
Full-Stack Observability for High-Performance Enterprise Applications online
Getting Back to Business: Unfolding Ways through a Hybrid Workplace online
Getting started with Cloud online
Goal-Oriented Digital Transformation for Mid-Sized Companies online
Growth Matter Series 2018 Ahmedabad,Bengaluru,Chennai,Delhi,Hyderabad,Kolkata,Mumbai,Pune,Rajkot
Health Care Mumbai
How do you plan your infrastructure modernization journey on the cloud Delhi,Mumbai,online
How do you plan your infrastructure modernization journey on the cloud Online
How to harness the power of Elastic Security & GCP to protect your new remote workforce online
HR Roundtable 2018 Ahm,Bengaluru,Gurgoan,Hyd,Hyderabad,Pune
HR Roundtable 2020 Mumbai
Hyper Personalized CX Strategy - A key factor in winning customers for life online
Impactful Presentations with  Advanced MS PowerPoint online
India’s Top Banks Mumbai
Infra Awards Delhi
Infusing the Power of Data & Analytics in the Sales and Marketing Strategy online
Insurance Summit Mumbai
Insurance Summit 2018 Mumbai
Intelligent Engagement Strategies for Enhanced Customer Experience online
IT/OT Convergence; Making Business More Secure and Efficient Online
Manufacturing Summit 2018 Baroda,Mumbai,Pune
Manufacturing Summit 2019 Baroda,Mumbai,Pune
Manufacturing Summit 2019 Chennai
Maximizing ROI by Multi-Touch Attribution Model online
Modern Finance Decoded - Co-ordination - 3 panelists online
New Perspectives on Financial Services online
Observability: Turning Data Silos into Actionable Information Online
One year outlook of the economy after COVID-19 and where we are headed Online
Overview of Financial Statements online
People Leaders Summit Ahmedabad,Bengaluru,Chennai,Delhi,Gurgaon,Gurgoan,Hyderabad,Mumbai,Mumbai ,Pune
People Leaders Summit Bangalore
Planning Infrastructure Modernization journey on the Cloud Delhi,Mumbai,online
Planning Infrastructure Modernization journey on the Cloud online
Preliminary  Data Analysis & Evaluation online
PSU Awards & Publication 2019 Delhi
Purpose-Driven Digital Transformation through AI, ML and Data Analytics online
Re-Aligning Network Infrastructure: Enabling Boundary-less Future Offices online
Re-tooling Corporate and SME Lending for the post COVID World- 16th Nucleus online
Reduce Covid-19 Impact on your Supply chain for Un-interrupted Manufacturing Online
Rountable on Investment Regulation in Insurance Industry Delhi,Mumbai,online
Run SAP on a smarter Cloud online
Secure Network Transformation to ensure organizational readiness for the future online
Smart Manufacturing Technologies for a Hyper-Connected Future online
Smart solutions for working remotely Delhi,Mumbai,online
Smart solutions for working remotely online
Smart Solutions to Enable Work from Home online
SME Business Excellence Awards Delhi
SME Knowledge Series 2018 Bahadugarh,Bengaluru,Durgapur,Morbi,Mumbai ,New Delhi
SME Knowledge Series 2018 Bengaluru,Chennai,Coimbatore,Connaught Place,Delhi,Delhi-GK,Faridabad,Hisar,Hyderabad,Jaipur,Kanpur,Karol Bagh,Kolkata,Lucknow,Manglore,Mumbai,Noida,Panipat,Pune,Rajkot,Surat
SME Knowledge Series 2019 Agra,Ahmedabad,Bangalore,Bhubaneshwar,Dehradun,Howrah,Hyderabad,Indore,Jaipur,Jamshedpur,Kanpur,Kochi,Kolkatta,Lucknow,Morbi,Mumbai,Navi Mumbai,Raipur,Ranchi,Udaipur
SME Knowledge Series 2019 Bengaluru,Chennai,Coimbatore,Connaught Place,Delhi,Delhi-GK,Faridabad,Hisar,Hyderabad,Jaipur,Kanpur,Karol Bagh,Kolkata,Lucknow,Manglore,Mumbai,Noida,Panipat,Pune,Rajkot,Surat
SME Knowledge Series 2020 Agra,Ahmedabad
SME Knowledge Series 2020 Coimbatore
Start your Cloud Journey with AWS online
Supply Chain Finance Awards 2019 Mumbai
The D2D (data to decision) journey Online
The Digital CX Series : Redefining customer experience to stay ahead of the curve Online
The Digital Imperatives: Future of Digital Platform in Banking & Lending online
The Future Financial Planning online
The Future of Finance: New Age Technology or New Skills? Delhi,Mumbai,online
The Search-Observe-Protect approach for powering modern IT systems Online
Transform your SAP Landscape on Cloud Delhi,Mumbai,online
Understanding Business Performance through Financial Statements online
What's Ne(CX)t: Customer Experience Strategies for a Hyper-Digital Future. online
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