Past Events

Event Name  City
The Cloud Native's Guide to Cost Optimization and Operational Excellence Online
"Session 1: Redefining Retail and E-commerce for the next normal Session 2: Meeting and exceeding customer expectations when moving from brick to click" Online
‘Hybrid Workplaces: Exploring the Benefits & Challenges Online
 Transforming data to business intelligence Online
10x Your Profits this Festive Season with Conversational AI Online
6 Rs: What’s the Right Strategy for App Modernization Online
Accelerate growth and loyalty through customer centricity in the digital age online
Accelerate the Design-to-Deployment Journey in AI & ML Online
Accelerate you Transition to a Smart Enterprise online
Accelerate Your Cloud Journey With Seamless Transition Online
Accelerate Your Growth Journey with Smart Manufacturing Online
Accelerating Business Growth with Buy Now Pay Later Online
Accelerating business performance with intelligent and connected ERP Online
Accelerating Digital Transformation with Analytics on Cloud Online
Accelerating Digital Transformation with Business Application Delivery and Security Online
Accelerating Digital Transformation with Secured Networks Online
Accelerating e-Commerce with the Power of New-Age Digital Payments online
Accelerating Innovation and Streamlining Compliance for Medical Device Engineering Online
Accelerating the importance of collaborative platforms in workplaces Online
Accelerating your Journey to Cloud with Google Cloud Analytics in 90 days Online
Addressing Regulatory and Compliance Changes for Foreign Banks” Delhi,Mumbai,Online
Addressing the challengers with SAP migration to cloud Online
Agile Cloud Integration with Scalable, Secure and Easy-to-Provision Cloud Solutions online
Agility by Design: Unbox the intelligent Secrets to Infra Modernization on Cloud Online
AI Driven Growth Strategies for Digital Native Businesses Online
Align Every Spend Decision to your Business Strategy with Intelligent Spend Management Online
All About Cloud Migration Online
API Economy: A Changing Facet in the Financial Industry Online
Augmenting e-Governance with Print Security & Digitization Online
AWS & SAP Post Budget SME Webinar Online
AWS Migration In-Residence Week Online
Banking on the Benefits of Moving Payments Services to the Cloud Online
Banking Roundtable Delhi,Mumbai,Online
Best Practices for migrating SAP to cloud and Unlocking Efficiencies Online
Beyond RPA: Driving Organizational Agility with Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Online
Beyond the Cloud: Optimizing IT Infrastructure with Cloud Computing Online
BFSI Delhi,Mumbai,Online
BFSI Awards Mumbai
BFSI Technology Roundtable 2018 Mumbai
Big Data Transformation for Bussinesses Online
Blockchain 2018 Mumbai
Blueprint of Future Secure Connected Enterprise Online
Bond Maths Online
BPO’s Guide for Knowledge and Customer Experience’ Online
Breaking New Boundaries: Exploring Efficiency, Safety and Sustainability through Digital Mines Online
Build Your Future-Proofed Infrastructure with Confidence online
Building a Borderless Business, with dynamic-intuitive conectivity online
Building a borderless business, with dynamic-intuitive connectivity online
Building a Culture of Cloud Security Online
Building a Successful SD-WAN Architecture for organizations of tomorrow Online
Building accelerated customer centric experiences in the new normal Online
Building always available, managed and secure IT infrastructure Delhi,Mumbai,Online
Building an Effective Cyber Resilient Layer to Prepare Against Cyberthreats Online
Building an Intelligent & Hybrid Retail Industry with Next-Gen Technologies’ Online
Building an Intelligent Future for your Enterprise Online
Building Effective Business Cases Online
Building Eyes to Your Process with Azure AI online
Building Future-Ready Enterprises with Next-Gen Hybrid Work Model Online
Building Resilience and Modernizing India @75 & Beyond Online
Business Continuity Planning: Emerging Perspectives Delhi,Mumbai,Online
Business Continuity Reimagined:Evaluating the New Priorities for Digital Bangladesh Online
Business Enterprises of Tomorrow 2021
Business resilience in financial services Online
Business Transformation Series 2018 Bengaluru
Carving a Niche in the Global Value Chain Online
CFO Series 2018 Chennai,Delhi,Delhi ,Mumbai,Pune
CFO Series 2019 Ahmedabad,Bengaluru,Chennai,Delhi,Hyderabad,Mumbai,Pune
CFO Series 2019 Bangalore,Delhi,Gurgoan,Mumbai,South
CFO Series 2020 Delhi
Change Management: New Drivers of Business Dynamics Online
CIO Series 2018 Bengaluru,Delhi,Gurgoan,Mumbai
CIO Series 2019 Bangalore,Delhi,Mumbai
CIO Series 2019 Bengaluru,Chennai,Delhi,Hyderabad,Kochi,Mumbai
CIO Series 2019 Delhi
CIO Series 2020 Mumbai
Cloud ERP - A leap towards Smart Manufacturing Online
Cloud Migration - challenges, strategy and execution Online
Cloud Migration Best Practices - Making Security The Cloud Enabler Online
Cloud Strategies for Success: Business Transformation through Purpose-Driven Cloud Migration Online
Cloud-Based Strategies to Unlock Insights, Efficiency, Agility and Innovatio Online
CMO-Playbook for Customer Retention online
Collaboration Series 2020 Getting back to business : unfolding ways through hybrid workplace. Online
Corporate Awards 2019 Mumbai
Cost Management Strategies Online
Create fast, highly available, secure websites on Cloud Online
CTO Series 2018 Delhi,Hyd,Pune
CX Connect Series - Transforming CX for Financial Institutions with Intelligent Conversational AI Online
CX Unlock Series-Customer Experience Strategies for New age Buyers Online
CXO Series 2018 Ahmedabad,Bengaluru,Chennai,Delhi,Gurgaon,Gurgoan,Hyderabad,Mumbai,Pune,Sri Lanka
CXO Series 2019 Ahmedabad,Bengaluru,Chennai,Delhi,Delhi(NCR),Faridabad,Hosur,Mumbai,Nagpur,Pune
CXO Series 2019 Bangalore,Chennai,Hyderabad,Indore,Mumbai,Noida,Pune
CXO Series 2020 Chennai,Kochi,Kolkata,Mumbai,Pune
Data Modernization Strategies For Future-Ready Businesses online
Data Transformation with Power Pivot & Power Query Online
Data vs Intuitive Thinking: How to grow your business with data driven decisions Online
Data Warehouse Modernization to meet Business Demands Online
Decoding Intelligent Financial Solutions for the Modern CFO online
Decoding the Digital Rupee: Transforming India’s Monetary System Online
Decoding the Opportunity in Cross-Border E-commerce Online
Deepening Presence of AIFs in IFSC Online
Delight your customers, from wherever yiu are Customer-for-life software for SMBs Online
Delivering Secure Digital Workplace for New Ways of Working Online
Delivering Superior Employee Experiences Amid Challenging Times Online
Digital & Beyond: Charting a Course For Women Empowerment in the Digital Age Online
Digital Essentials for Safe, Agile and Secure Workplaces Online
Digital Natives - Empowering the Startup Industry to reach their Maximum potential with Technology online
Digital Readiness for Retail: Digital-First Strategies for a Resilient Business online
Digital Retrofit - Understanding the Essentials of the Modern Digital Enterprise Online
Digital Strategies to Infuse Resilience, Trust and Innovation in Financial Services Online
Digital Transformation a must for Retail: Creating a new Normal Online
Digital Transformation for Mid-sized Companies in Process Industry like Life Sciences and Chemicals Online
Digital Transformation for SMEs – Opportunities & Challenges Online
Digital Transformation Strategies to Infuse Agility and Accessibility in Procurement online
Digital Transformation to Meet Business Objectives for Mid-Sized Companies Online
Digital Transformation-the New Reality & Imperative for Contactless Sales Online
Digital Transformation: Key Enabler for Sustainable Growth and Enhanced Competitiveness” Delhi,Mumbai,Online
Digital Transformation: The next Strategy for business sustainability and growth Online
Digital Workplace Modernization - SMEs Rising to the Challenge Online
Digital Workplace Modernization – SMEs Rising to the Challenge Online
Digital Workplace Modernization SMEs Rising to the Challenge Online
Digital Workspace Forum Delhi
Digital-Driven Growth Priorities for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses Online
Digitize & Automate Vendor Invoice Management Online
Digitizing Financial Institutions Enabling Growth in the New Normal Online
Driving Customer Experience with B2B Commerce Online
Driving Fintech Success through Realtime Intelligence Online
Driving Innovation with collaborative tools for modern business Online
Driving the Digital Future of Financial Services Online
Dun & Bradstreet’s Tech Caffe Online
E-Commerce Bootcamp 2.0: Essentials of customer delight Online
E-invoicing Strengthening GST Compliance using Technology Online
Edu Expers Talk | Providing Fast & Easy Remote Support, Anyime, Anywhere Online
Elevating the Enterprise Digital Journey with SAP on Cloud Online
Embracing Next-Gen Unified Digital Platform - A Necessary Transformation to Maximize Business Performance for Project Centric Organizations Online
Empowering your Developers with the Best Productivity Tools Online
Enabling Cloud Connectivity for Seamless Business Continuity Online
Enabling Cloud Connectivity for Seamless Business Continuity’ Online
Enabling Remote Work with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Online
Enabling simple, secure, reliable internet access from anywhere Online
Enhancing Business Resumption Capabilities in the New Normal Online
ESG – Investment Landscape for Institutional Investors Online
Essential HR Business Tools to Survive and Thrive Online
Every Second Counts - Importance of Speed in Cyber Security Online
Evolve to Solve:  GST E-invoicing & compliance integration with SAP online
Exploring Cost-Effective Strategies for Data Center Modernization Online
Exploring New Dimensions in Cybersecurity in a Post-Covid World Online
Exporters Awards Mumbai
Factories of the Future - Unlocking New Possibilities in Manufacturing Sector Online
Family Owned Businesses: The Transition from Traditional Businesses to Future-Ready Enterprises Online
Family Owned Businesses: The Transition from Traditional Businesses to Future-Ready Enterprises, Stay COMPETITIVE & ACHIEVE SUCCESS Online
Fast-track your Digital Transformation on Cloud online
Fast-track your Digital Transformation with SAP on Cloud Online
Fastrack your Digital Transformation on Cloud online
Financial Analysis of Customers/Vendors Post Covid-19 Online
Financial Modeling and Valuation using Excel Spreadsheets Online
Financial Risk Analytics Online
Financial Services Roundtable Bengaluru,Mumbai
Financial Services: Moving Towards Contactless Sales in a Digital World’ Online
Fintech Roundtable 2020 Pune
Full-Stack Observability for High-Performance Enterprise Applications Online
Future of Business Mobility with Intelligent Enterprise Suite Online
Getting Back to Business: Unfolding Ways through a Hybrid Workplace Online
Getting started with Cloud Online
Getting Started with Cloud Computing and AWS Core Services Online
Getting Transactional to Improving CX in Digital Commerce Online
Goal- Oriented Digital Transformation for next Gen Organisations Online
Goal-Oriented Digital Transformation for Mid-Sized Companies Online
Going Global for Scaling New Heights Online
Growth Matter Series 2018 Ahmedabad,Bengaluru,Chennai,Delhi,Hyderabad,Kolkata,Mumbai,Pune,Rajkot
GST: How to navigate the key challenges and create a tech-enabled future Online
Harness the Power of Data through Modern Cloud-based Data Platform Online
Harnessing the Digital Edge: Shifting Paradigm 2nd Dec Online
Harnessing the Power of Technology to Transform Financial Services Online
Health Care Mumbai
How can Small & Mid-sized Companies Navigate New Economic Realties Online
How Collaboration on Cloud Helped a Large Financial Group Securely Connect 40,000+ Employees and Inculcate a Collaborative Culture Online
How data-driven experience is a game-changer to your company's CX online
How do you plan your infrastructure modernization journey on the cloud Delhi,Mumbai,Online
How do you plan your infrastructure modernization journey on the cloud Online
How to harness the power of Elastic Security & GCP to protect your new remote workforce Online
HR Pulse - Making Bold Decisions in the face of Uncertainty Online
HR Roundtable 2018 Ahm,Bengaluru,Gurgoan,Hyd,Hyderabad,Pune
HR Roundtable 2020 Mumbai
Human Centric Digital Transformation, for an Efficient Financial Service Sector online
Hyper Personalized CX Strategy - A key factor in winning customers for life Online
Impactful Presentations with  Advanced MS PowerPoint Online
Improved Compliance through Agile, Intelligent, Innovative Procurement Process Online
Improving Backup & Disaster Recovery with Cloud Computing Online
India's Top 500 Companies: Charting the Roadmap to Economic Recovery. online
India’s Top 500 Companies 2021
India’s Top Banks Mumbai
India’s Top PSUs 2021
Infra Awards Delhi
Infusing the Power of Data & Analytics in the Sales and Marketing Strategy Online
Infusing the Power of Speed Scale and Security in Governance Online
Infusing the Power of Speed, Scale and Security in Governance Online
Insurance Summit Mumbai
Insurance Summit 2018 Mumbai
Integrating cloud security controls for Future-Ready Businesses online
Intelligent Engagement Strategies for Enhanced Customer Experience Online
Intelligent ERP - Empowering Services Business Online
IT Cost Optimization and Cloud Online
IT/OT Convergence; Making Business More Secure and Efficient Online
Laying the Foundations for an ESG-Ready Corporate India online
Leverage Technology to Fuel Productivity Online
Leveraging Aadhaar-based E-Signatures in a Zero-Contact Workplace Online
Leveraging AI and Speech Recognition to Elevate Customer Service in A Zero-Contact World’ Online
Leveraging AI ML to Unlock Value from Unstructured Data Online
Leveraging the Power of Google Cloud Platform for Windows & VMware online
Making Bold Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty Online
Manufacturing Summit 2018 Baroda,Mumbai,Pune
Manufacturing Summit 2019 Baroda,Mumbai,Pune
Manufacturing Summit 2019 Chennai
Maximizing ROI by Multi-Touch Attribution Model Online
Maximizing Value for Customers with Real-Time Cash and Liquidity Management online
Modern Finance Decode Online
Modern Finance Decoded - Co-ordination - 3 panelists Online
Modern Strategies to Simplify the Enterprise Cloud Journey Online
Modernizing Business Communication through Cloud Telephony Online
Modernizing complex ERP environment with Low-Code Cloud-Native Technologies Online
Modernizing complex ERP environment with Low-Code Cloud-Native Technologies. Online
Modernizing Payment Reconciliation for the New Age Ecommerce Businesses Online
Modernizing Security Infrastructure with SASE to Scale, Innovate & Accelerate Online
Move to an Intelligent Enterprise Powered by RISE with SAP Online
Moving Online – A Step Towards Digital Transformation Online
Moving towards contactless sales in a digital world Online
Navigating the winds of change: A survival guide for service firms Online
New growth opportunities for ISVs Online
New Perspectives on Financial Services Online
Nurturing the Spirit of Entrepreneurship for a Self-Reliant India Online
Observability: Turning Data Silos into Actionable Information Online
One year outlook of the economy after COVID-19 and where we are headed Online
Operational Transformation: Building Intelligent Processes to Shield Against the Next Crisis online
Optimizing financial and operating models in Manufacturing Online
Overview of Financial Statements Online
People Leaders Summit Ahmedabad,Bengaluru,Chennai,Delhi,Gurgaon,Gurgoan,Hyderabad,Mumbai,Mumbai ,Pune
People Leaders Summit Bangalore
Planning Infrastructure Modernization journey on the Cloud Delhi,Mumbai,Online
Planning Infrastructure Modernization journey on the Cloud Online
Powering Decision - Making with Real-Time Cloud Based Analytics Online
Powering Intelligent Retail Merchandising With Google Cloud Online
Powering Service Organization Success with MS Project Operations Online
Preliminary  Data Analysis & Evaluation Online
PSU Awards & Publication 2019 Delhi
Purpose-Driven Digital Transformation through AI, ML and Data Analytics Online
Re-Aligning Network Infrastructure: Enabling Boundary-less Future Offices Online
Re-Aligning Network Infrastructure: Enabling Boundary-less Future Officies Online
Re-Evaluating Digital Business Strategies with Data Driven Transformation online
Re-thinking Cloud Online
Re-tooling Corporate and SME Lending for the post COVID World- 16th Nucleus Online
Reboot Your Digital Strategy: Preparing for the Post- Crisis Recovery online
Redefining Business Experience with Cloud Online
Redefining Digital Transformation with Data Virtualization Online
Redesigning Banking CX & UX Strategies Digitally for Enhanced Growth & Customer Loyalty Online
Reduce Covid-19 Impact on your Supply chain for Un-interrupted Manufacturing Online
Reducing File Storage TCO & Simplify your Cloud migration Online
Reimagine &Reinvent banking with azure and cloud4C Online
Reimagining Customer Experience: Need of the hour for BFSI Industry Online
Reimagining efficient and sustainable supply chain with better insights and collaboration Online
Reimagining Remote Access Working with Serverless Work Environments Online
Reimagining Retail in the Age of Hyper-Connectivity Online
Reimagining the Conversational Business in the Era of Digital Connect Online
Remote Selling Made Easy with Freshworks CRM and DocuSign online
Retention as a Growth Lever Offline
Revolutionize your Business with the Power of Next-Gen Tech Tools Online
Revolutionizing Financial Services with Intelligent Technologies Online
Role of Technology in Enhancing Quality of Work-life for Better Employee Experience Online
Rountable on Investment Regulation in Insurance Industry Delhi,Mumbai,Online
Run and Reinvent your Business Online
Run SAP on a smarter cloud Online
Running SAP with Agility on GCP - Deep Dive online
Sapphire now for Finance online
SCM Innovation Summit Online
Secure Network Transformation to ensure organizational readiness for the future Online
Secured Cloud – The new normal for Digital Infrastructure Online
Simplifying Businesses with Digital Transformation Online
Smart Factories with Industry 4.0 Now Online
Smart Manufacturing – The present Potential and the Future Promise Online
Smart Manufacturing Technologies for a Hyper-Connected Future Online
Smart Manufacturing: Present Potential and Future Promise Online
Smart Notification - The Next Evolution through Cloud Comouting Online
Smart solutions for working remotely Delhi,Mumbai,Online
Smart solutions for working remotely Online
Smart Solutions to Enable Work from Home Online
SME Business Excellence Awards Delhi
SME Knowledge Series 2018 Bahadugarh,Bengaluru,Durgapur,Morbi,Mumbai ,New Delhi
SME Knowledge Series 2018 Bengaluru,Chennai,Coimbatore,Connaught Place,Delhi,Delhi-GK,Faridabad,Hisar,Hyderabad,Jaipur,Kanpur,Karol Bagh,Kolkata,Lucknow,Manglore,Mumbai,Noida,Panipat,Pune,Rajkot,Surat
SME Knowledge Series 2019 Agra,Ahmedabad,Bangalore,Bhubaneshwar,Dehradun,Howrah,Hyderabad,Indore,Jaipur,Jamshedpur,Kanpur,Kochi,Kolkatta,Lucknow,Morbi,Mumbai,Navi Mumbai,Raipur,Ranchi,Udaipur
SME Knowledge Series 2019 Bengaluru,Chennai,Coimbatore,Connaught Place,Delhi,Delhi-GK,Faridabad,Hisar,Hyderabad,Jaipur,Kanpur,Karol Bagh,Kolkata,Lucknow,Manglore,Mumbai,Noida,Panipat,Pune,Rajkot,Surat
SME Knowledge Series 2020 Agra,Ahmedabad
SME Knowledge Series 2020 Coimbatore
SME’s Catalysing India’s Comeback Online
Start a workplace evolution Online
Start your Cloud Journey with AWS Online
Stay A Step Ahead - Combat Data Security Challenges through Cloud Technology Online
Stay Ahead of the game with new generation Technology Online
Strategic IT Priorities empowering Financial Transformation Online
Strategies to Navigate a Seamless Journey to the Cloud online
Strategies to Optimize Costs using AWS Online
Strategies to Unlock the Power of AI-Powered Modern Finance online
Strategies to Unlock the Power of Intelligent Manufacturing Online
Supply Chain Finance Awards 2019 Mumbai
Technical Workshop: Continuous Galvanized TMT Rebar or Next-Gen Rebar online
Technovation the way forward Online
The art & science of maximizing customer lifetime value Physical
The Cloud you can Control Online
The Cloud-Driven Secure Digital Roadmap for Business Enterprises Online
The D2D (data to decision) journey Online
The Digital CX Series : Redefining customer experience to stay ahead of the curve Online
The Digital Imperatives: Future of Digital Platform in Banking & Lending Online
The Digital Shift of Retail: Unlocking Predictive Visibility and Customer Experience with Logistics SaaS" Online
The Future Financial Planning Online
The Future of Finance: New Age Technology or New Skills? Delhi,Mumbai,Online
The Future of HR: Driving Greater Business Values by Building New-Age Workforce Online
The Future of Supply Chains: Keys to Unlock Continuous Innovation Online
The Perfect Delivery Blueprint: Harnessing the Power of Intelligent Supply Chains Online
The Rise of Investigative Intelligence – From Insight to Impact Online
The Search-Observe-Protect approach for powering modern IT systems Online
The secret to winning new customers : Automation Online
The Transition from Traditional Business to Future-Ready Enterprises, Stay Competitive & Achieve Success Online
Transform your business with Analytics Online
Transform your SAP Landscape on Cloud Delhi,Mumbai,Online
Transformative Approaches to Shape Resilient and Future-Ready Financial Services online
Transforming Business Ecosystem with Cloud Innovation Online
Transforming Business with Intelligent ERP Online
Transforming enterprises to build a SMART network Online
Transforming Finance in the New Normal to Drive Business Results Online
Transforming Organization into an Innovation Engine Online
Transforming the Enterprise Tomorrow: Intelligent Datacenter Modernization on Cloud online
Transforming Your Family-Run Business into a Truly Global Enterprise Online
Understanding Business Performance through Financial Statements Online
Understanding the Whys and How’s of Modernizing Windows Workloads in the Cloud online
Unlock the Benefits of RPA – Improve Productivity, Scale Down Costs & Streamline Compliance Online
Unlock the Intelligent Transformation Formula with SAP on Google Cloud Online
unlocking Agility and Resilience through Application Modernization Online
Unlocking Business Growth With Marketing Automation online
Unlocking Business Potenial with SAP on the Cloud online
Unlocking Industry 4.0 for Manufacturing Transformations Online
Using Analytics to Optimize Operations for BFSI Online
What's Ne(CX)t: Customer Experience Strategies for a Hyper-Digital Future. Online
Why Migrate Critical SAP Workloads to Cloud Online
Winning a war for talent in a remote world - Freshteam and Facebook Jobs Online
Zinc Fertilizer Raw Materials for Food and Nutrition Security Online
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