The Power of Data Summit 2023

In the digital age, data has emerged as the lifeblood of modern businesses, transforming the way they operate, innovate, and connect with customers. The power of data extends far beyond numbers and statistics; it's a strategic asset that empowers organizations to make informed decisions, drive innovation, and gain a competitive edge in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

As businesses embark on their journey to harness the power of data, cultivating a data-driven culture becomes essential. This involves fostering an environment where data is valued, insights are sought after, and decisions are rooted in evidence. It requires investing in the right technologies, equipping teams with data literacy skills, and ensuring that data privacy and ethics are upheld at every stage.

With this context, Dun & Bradstreet, a leading global provider of business decisioning data and analytics with a legacy of over 180 years hosted its flagship conclave "The Power of Data Summit 2023". The summit served as a global platform to gain useful insights from CXOs, industry veterans and top experts.

The summit will deliberate upon the following topics-

Transforming Business with Generative AI: Unlocking New Possibilities

Decoding: The Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023

Storage in Age of Cloud, AI, ML & 5G

Holy Grail of Data Monetization




  • Generative AI - Impact across big data value chain from data acquisition to usage
  • Benefits of Generative AI - Process large volumes of data, identify patterns, trends and insights
  • The future of Generative AI - What lies in the store?
  • Business use cases of Generative AI across industry spectrum


  • Mr. Arvind Kumar, Head IT & Infosec, Genisys Group
  • Mr. Satish Kumar Dwibhashi, SVP & CISO, InMobi
  • Mr. Sudeep Dey, Chief Information Officer, Healthcare Global Enterprises Limited

  • The Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023: Impact on personal and professional aspects
  • What are the obligations to be managed by corporate entities while dealing with data?
  • What are the rights and duties of data principal & obligations of data fiduciary?
  • How to manage compliance of the new act?
  • How does act interplay with sector specific data protection regulations

  • The rise of data centers in India: Status quo, planned investments and outlook
  • 'Green storage, energy efficiency' - Buzz word in data storage
  • Challenges managing large volumes of data and practical solutions
  • Analysis of prevailing data regulations - Impact on big data companies

Panelists :

  • Mr. Vijoy Basu, Senior Director, Global Head IT AI & Analytics, Cognizant
  • Mr. Prince Joseph, Group Chief Information Officer, Nest Group SFO Technologies

  • Functional use cases for customer, risk, operational and social media analytics
  • Data visualization - Discover pattern, relationships, convey findings and recommendations to stakeholders
  • Predictive analytics - Anticipate customer demand, optimize resources, improve performance, and generate new opportunities
  • Use cases across industries spectrum and their benefits
  • Challenges faced, practical solution and way forward

About The Report – ‘Data Champions of India Inc’

D&B will launch the first-ever ‘Data Champions of India Inc’ report at the summit. The report will encapsulate the essence of data's pivotal role in modern business landscapes and feature insights from Indian Data Gurus discussing the evolving data sphere and its strategic significance. Real-world case studies spotlighting how data-driven decisions have propelled organizations across sectors to operational excellence and competitive edges. Expert-authored articles exploring data-centric trends, challenges, and opportunities.

This report will serve as a holistic guide for businesses aiming to leverage data for growth and resilience, showcasing how data, when wielded adeptly, becomes an asset for informed decision-making and transformative outcomes. The Dun & Bradstreet ‘Data Champions of India Inc’ report will be circulated among CXOs of leading corporates, Government Ministries, and other leading corporates across India and abroad.


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