Smart Digital Transformation

How CIOs Are Leading Their Organisation’s Data Strategy

Executive Summary

The amount of data being generated and stored globally has been growing at an exponential rate. According to some estimates, the global datasphere increased by almost 20 times between 2010 and 2019. The importance of data to the business world is also very high. At the core of these developments is the rise of digital technology. Therefore, it is no surprise that the role of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) is now elevated to drive strategic innovations at an organisational level. Recognising the pivot role CIOs play in an increasingly connected world, we reached out to 250 CIOs across ten sectors and six major cities in India, to address as diverse a cross section as possible of this demographic. These businesses had a revenue of more than INR 5 billion and the survey was conducted in the last quarter of 2020. We wanted to understand:

  1. What measures were CIOs taking to navigate the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic?
  2. How are they embracing the new normal while strengthening their data security?
  3. What data management challenges are they facing?
  4. What steps are they taking to overcome those challenges?

We also asked them about their current status of automation and their plans for adoption of new technologies.

This report will explore how CIOs are responding to the pandemic as well as offer rich analysis of the processes and plans in place for data management, digital transformation and why the need for clean, accurate data is more important than ever.

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