Business Across Borders 2022

1 Dun & Bradstreet India is pleased to announce the release of the second edition of its publication, ‘Business Across Borders 2022’ . The publication seeks to dwell on the recent trends in India’s exports. It also endeavours to analyse the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on India’s international trade dynamics and understand the roadmap to scale up India’s exports to new heights. The publication comprises an exhaustive list of the leading ~2,000 exporters across India and profiles around 500 outstanding Indian exporters. Through this publication, Dun & Bradstreet India has strived to provide the right platform for exporters to showcase their achievements and provide encouragement to the entire exporters community. Indian economy has been recovering steadily from the economic shock caused by the outbreak of the pandemic. One of the major factors that has played a key role in the economic revival is the pick-up in domestic merchandise and service exports. India’s merchandise exports have grown by almost 47% y-o-y during April-January FY22 and, for the first time ever, are on track to achieve export target of US$ 400 bn. Services exports have also shown impressive performance, clocking a growth of 25% y-o-y during April- January FY22. In fact, with the current reset in the global supply chain, there is a unique opportunity for Indian exporters to position themselves as a trusted partner in the global supply chain. The pandemic has heightened the need to reduce over-dependency on a few low-cost locations in the global supply chain. This coupled with inherent strengths like a diverse business landscape, a skilled workforce, and liberal FDI policy, can help India strengthen its position in the global supply chain. Besides, various policy measures like the extension of Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme, simplification in customs rate and tariff structure, and reforms to the existing Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Act, amongst others will help enhance export competitiveness. Furthermore, the Production Linked Incentive scheme which encourages domestic as well as foreign companies to set up or expand existing manufacturing units in a variety of sectors, will boost both manufacturing and exports. The rising thrust on the development of critical infrastructure through the National Infrastructure Pipeline as well as the PMGati Shakti –NationalMaster Plan formulti-modal connectivitywill help address infrastructure- related concerns of exporters. The strengthening of logistics infrastructure is far more important as logistics costs in India are estimated to be around 13-14% of GDP. The last mile connectivity achieved through improved logistics infrastructure will empower India to take advantage of the reconfigured global supply chain. Undoubtedly, this is an opportune time for India to build its capabilities to scale its exports to new heights. ‘Make in India for the world’ can be a new mantra that can firmly set the Indian economy on the recovery path. Dun & Bradstreet India will continue to support the exporters’ fraternity of India through its future endeavours. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the companies that are being listed and profiled in this publication. I hope you enjoy reading this publication and find it insightful. I look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions. Preface Avinash Gupta Managing Director & CEO – India Dun & Bradstreet Dun & Bradstreet