India’s Leading BFSI and FinTech Companies 2022

34 Experts’ View India’s Leading BFSI and FinTech Companies 2022 How do you perceive the journey of PTC India Financial Services Limited since its inception in 2006-07? PFS is a NBFC with systemic importance as an infrastructure-focused finance company. Ever since its first equity investment made in FY2007-08, PFS has grown by leaps and bounds to emerge as an important player in the infrastructure financing space. We’ve had many achievements along the way, starting from its first long-term & structured loan disbursed in FY2008- 09, with other products such as, its first short-term loan, fee based advisory services, etc. PFS has provided financial assistance for renewable projects of around 13,000 MW with carbon abatement of 25 million tonnes per annum and a total of 125 million tonnes of CO2 considering average project life of 5 years. Further, PFS has provided financial assistance to sunshine sectors like electric vehicle mobility, water projects, etc. Recently, PFS diversified its debt portfolio to include mining and railway corridors across the country. Today, PFS is one of the few focused entities to provide sustainable green infrastructure financing. How well is PFS placed to meet the financial requirements of India’s demand for renewable energy projects? Since inception, PFS has been engaged in providing financing solutions to the entire energy value chain. We are the first mover in providing financial solutions to solar power projects in the country and contributed immensely towards the establishment of renewable energy industry. PFS is perceived as a ‘one-stop shop’ for such sustainable green infrastructure financing through risk analysis and optimum utilization of various financial products to fund such power projects. With more than 18,000 Crore sanctioned in form of Long term and short-term debt assistance to various Infrastructure projects in the power sector, the company has directly helped to generate more than 14000 MW of installed capacity in our country. With a clear action plan called ‘Mission 500GW’ being drawn up by the government to achieve the goal laid out by our Honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, PFS is well-suited to lead the way in supporting the sector constituents in the big infrastructure push that is needed in the current decade. What is your company’s growth strategy for next 3-5 years? India aims to achieve its goal of turning net-zero in terms of CO2 emissions. This will entail investments to the tune of $10 trillion ( ` 700 lakh crores) according to an analysis and will require the domestic lenders to step up financing to the power generation sector. PFS is the ideal candidate to lead the lending push as it has the requisite experience to cater to the intricacies of this sector. The company is in talks to raise finance from various global institutions and government agencies to provide innovative structured finance solutions, aimed at promoting sustainable green infrastructure development and financing green projects. PFS has been decarbonizing its balance sheet over the last few years and has diversified to include finance to sectors involving e-mobility, water sewerage treatment plant, electric vehicle charging stations, waste management and other such projects. As a company, PFS envisions to be the most preferred financial partner in the energy value chain, spanning projects from power generation projects, transmission and distribution projects and even development of alternate fuel sources and allied infrastructure. This will in turn expand its credit portfolio organically, lead India’s renewable energy expansion and emerge as a leader in green infrastructure lending space in the future. PTC India Financial Services Limited Dr. Pawan Singh Managing Director and CEO Dun & Bradstreet