India’s TOP 500 Companies 2021

INDIA’S TOP 500 COMPANIES 2021 116 INDIA’S TOP 500 COMPANIES: A SNAPSHOT India’s Top 500 Companies: A Glimpse into the Publication Dun & Bradstreet has been tracking the role of the Indian Corporate sector in the incredible growth story of the Indian economy for more than two decades through its premier publication, India’s Top 500 Companies. Over the years, the publication, now in its 21st edition, has earned the reputation of one of themost credible and comprehensive compendiums on the Indian corporate sector. Every year, the publication lists and profiles a universe of Indian companies collectively labelled as ‘India’s Top 500 Companies’ for the year under consideration. The companies are selected from among corporates listed on Indian stock exchanges, on the basis of several standalone financial parameters including total income, net worth, profits and market capitalization (refer tomethodology section for more details). It also provides listings of companies that have been profiled in all editions of the publication and companies that have been featured for the first time ever. This year, the publication has also included two additional listings for the first time ever. Firstly, as a tribute to the contribution of large companies that are not listed on the bourses, an additional listing titled ‘India’s Premier Unlisted Companies’ has been included. Furthermore, in line with the theme for this year’s publication, “Laying the Foundations for an ESG-Ready Corporate India” , an additional listing of Top 500 Companies on the basis of their ESG performances during FY20 has been included as well. Significance of Top 500 Companies The first edition of the publication was launched in the year 1997, a year when a global recession was lurking around the corner. India was going through political chaos. However, the India’s Top 500 Companies stood strong and offered a great degree of resilience during that time. As we look back at the collective performance of these Top 500 Companies over the years, we cannot help but marvel at the fact that they have consistently grown faster than the economy over the past two decades. As of today, this universe of companies contributes to about 16% of India’s GDP, about 46% of the country’s foreign exchange earnings and around 23% of tax revenues. In doing so, the Top 500 Companies undoubtedly epitomize the driving force of the Indian economy. Contribution of India’s Top 500 Companies to the Indian Economy Source: Dun & Bradstreet Research, RBI, MOSPI Dun & Bradstreet