India’s TOP 500 Companies 2021

INDIA’S TOP 500 COMPANIES 2021 11 Ratios Particulars Formulae Total Business Total Advances + Total Deposits as provided by the RBI Total Assets Cash in hand + Balances with RBI + Balances with banks inside/outside India + Money at call + Investments + Advances + Fixed Assets + Other Assets Net Interest Margin As provided by the RBI Net Interest Income Total Interest earned – Total Interest expended Net NPA Ratio As provided by the RBI Gross NPA Ratio As provided by the RBI Return on Assets (ROA) As provided by the RBI The publication also includes terms and indicators specific to the insurance sector. Particulars Formulae Total Income for Insurance companies Premiums earned - net (policy holder’s account) + Income from Investments (policy holder’s account) + other income (policy holder’s account) + income from investments (shareholders account) + other income and miscellaneous receipts (shareholders account) Net PremiumEarned, AUM, Retention Ratio and Solvency Ratio of Insurance companies As per the data from ARs/Financial Statements/ Public Disclosures, FY20 Annual Report of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) Net Worth for Insurance Companies Sum of share capital, equity equivalents and reserves & surplus. Equity equivalents include share warrants, ESOP, etc. Debit balance appearing in the profit and loss account and foreign exchange translation reserve account, revaluation reserves, and miscellaneous expenditure (to the extent not written off) are deducted from the Net Worth. Fair Value Change account (debit or credit balance) has not been considered for the purpose of calculating Net Worth. Dun & Bradstreet