India’s TOP 500 Companies 2021

INDIA’S TOP 500 COMPANIES 2021 303 Advertorial The company’s jewellery portfolio includes gold, platinum and silver, diamond-studded jewellery in classic and contemporary styling. The range encompasses bridal, couture, fashion, solitaires, as well as men’s jewellery segment. The company offers differentiation in the form of theme-based designs and bespoke private labels. ASCL also operates a jewellery boutique at Mumbai, which undertakes customized orders with jewellery design consultations for special occasions. Strengthening Connections with a Robust Global Network Over the years, ASCL has built its market presence, and forged key alliances and long-term partnerships not just domestically, but also in international markets. With a vast majority of its turnover being generated from overseas markets, the company has strategically positioned itself in major trading and consuming centres of the world, through an extensive distribution network of subsidiaries, which are based in Hong Kong, New York and Dubai, and marketing arms. The company’s customer base includes leading jewellery brands, retail chains, jewellery manufacturers and e-commerce retailers across USA, Europe, India, UAE and Far East. Building Trust with Pipeline Integrity Over the past five decades, the company has steadily gained the trust of all its business partners by complyingwith ethical practices and high quality standards. ASCL sources its rough diamonds from reputed mining companies like Alrosa, De Beers and Dominion Diamond. The company also abides by the Kimberley Process guidelines, De Beers Best Practice Principles and Responsible Jewellery Council Code of Practices, to ensure that the sourcing of diamonds is conflict-free. The company further maintains the integrity of its diamond pipeline with strong internal systems for quality checks and audits at every stage of manufacturing and distribution. Branching out into the Power Business In addition to the diamond business, the company has also diversified into the wind power generation business. ASCL’s windmills are located in Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. During FY20, the company generated about 17.74 mn kWh of wind energy, resulting in the sales of ` 51.4 mn. Sharing Benefits through Social Outreach CSR initiatives at ASCL are not only limited to philanthropic activities, but also address larger initiatives that facilitate social development and institution building. During the year, the company sought to undertake various initiatives for the upliftment of the less privileged sections of the society through various schemes for promotion of education, medical aid, eradication of hunger and malnutrition, as well as programs for special education and vocational skills for tribal children, rural development and other similar projects. In addition to this, ASCL donated ` 5.1 mn to the PM-CARES Fund in response to the Prime Minister’s call to join India’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The company also contributed ` 1.1 mn to support Rotary Club of Mumbai’s “Feed all in need” program and ` 2 mn to Palanpur Samaj Kendra Charitable Trust (PSK) to mobilize aid and provide relief to those in need during the challenging COVID-19 crisis. Dun & Brad treet