India’s Top 500 Companies 2022

INDIA’S TOP 500 COMPANIES 2022 4 of compiling this publication. In general, all the information used in the publication is from publicly available relevant sources. The various financial computations are based on D&B’s methodology and have been explicitly explained in the ‘Definitions and Calculations’ section. Dun & Bradstreet has developed an in-house proprietary model for selecting top performing companies for awards in their respective sectors. The model took into consideration key financial indicators in areas of business size, growth, profitability, leverage and solvency, among others. Special Listings for this year’s edition of the publication This edition of the publication has also provided special listings as below – ESG Listing Dun & Bradstreet India’s Top 500 Companies were also assessed and ranked based on Dun & Bradstreet’s ESG Assessment Framework. The framework consists of ESG themes and parameters against which a company’s initiatives across environment, social, and governance areas are assessed based on information as disclosed in the public domain. These information sources cover internal Dun & Bradstreet Database, data from government sources, public sources, news, and some third-party licensed data. The ESG outputs are calculated to compose a dataset that results in a normal distribution of data between 1, indicating low risk or best performance, and 5, indicating high risk or worst performance. The evaluation process leads to an ESG ratings which are then used for ranking each of the India’s Top 500 Companies. These are rankings based on the assessment done in May 2022. Dun & Bradstreet updates ESG datasets on a monthly basis. Companies can directly submit additional ESG- related data through Dun & Bradstreet channels that can then be integrated into the ESG Ranking dataset. To provide additional transparency and information on the data availability fueling the ESG Ranking dataset, Dun & Bradstreet provides “Data Depth” scores. A data depth is provided for each ESG Ranking, indicating the richness of ESG data behind the corresponding ESG Score. (A – Highest Data Depth and I – Lowest Data Depth) For the purpose of ESG based awards, the leading three companies were shortlisted for each of the sectors i.e., Manufacturing, Services, and Financial Services. These shortlisted companies were further examined and validated by the internal jury based on the framework and qualitative information on the initiatives taken by these companies. For the purpose of this year’s ESG awards, companies falling under Construction, Mining and Trading sectors are excluded. India’s Premier 200 Unlisted Companies: This edition of the publication also recognises the contribution of large unlisted corporates to the economy. Accordingly, we have identified India’s leading 200 unlisted companies based on their total income as per the standalone financial statements for the financial year 2020-21. These companies have been separately listed as ‘India’s Premier 200Unlisted Companies’ in the publication. For the purpose of compiling the list, the government entities operating in nearly a monopolistic sector without the presence of competitive free market, such as regulatory entities and bodies, law enforcement agencies, state-controlled transportation, state power and distribution entities etc. are excluded from the list. The standalone financial information from Unlisted companies have been sourced from the standalone financial statements available in the credible sources such as MCA, company websites, other regulatory websites. Companies whose financial statements were unavailable at the time of compiling the list were excluded from the list. Each company featuring as India’s Top 500 Companies in the publication has been allotted a unique identification number (D-U-N-S® - Data Universal Numbering System), which will help readers locate and obtain full-fledged business information reports on these companies from the Dun & Bradstreet database. Dun & Bradstreet