India’s Top 500 Companies 2022

INDIA’S TOP 500 COMPANIES 2022 1 Dun & Bradstreet is proud to announce the launch of the 2022 edition of its premier publication, ‘India’s Top 500 Companies’. The publication, which was launched in 1997, profiles the leading companies of corporate India across 57 sectors. Over these years, the publication has carved a niche for itself and earned the reputation of being one of the most credible and comprehensive compendiums in the Indian corporate sector. The companies are ranked based on their income, net profit, and net worth. It also presents a comparison of financial parameters within their respective sectors. The Top 500 companies featured in the publication alone contribute significantly to India’s economy. They account for about 24% of foreign exchange earnings, about 39% of India’s corporate tax revenues, and around 90% of the aggregate market capitalisation of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Therefore, it would not be incorrect to describe them as the engine of the Indian economy. Furthermore, India’s Top 500 Companies must maintain and strengthen their leadership positions. Our research shows that only 124 of the Top 500 companies have consistently featured in all the 22 editions of the publication. This demonstrates the dynamism of industries and companies’ growth strategies, as well as the fact that these companies have stood the test of time and have emerged as the frontrunners of India’s corporate sector. The waves of COVID-19 infections caused significant disruption to the Indian economy, putting its collective resiliency to the test. It caused the Indian economy to experience one of the deepest contractions in the first quarter of FY 2021. However, the economy recovered from the downturn and began to improve in the second half of FY 2021. Global growth slowdown, spillover effects of global monetary policy tightening, uncertainty surrounding the end of Ukraine crisis and outbreaks of new coronavirus variants have significantly clouded India’s economic outlook. In the current scenario, the government and the RBI are working in a coordinated manner toward balancing growth and inflation concerns. As we go through one of the most difficult periods in recent history, the silver lining has been that we have all become more socially conscious, and businesses across the board have begun to seriously consider sustainability practises. Therefore, the central theme for the 22nd edition is ESG: The only way for sustainable and responsible growth. Considering the theme in focus for this year, this edition of the publication features articles, interviews, and writeups dwelling on the subject. For the first time, we have ranked Top 500 companies based on their ESG performance. I hope you will enjoy reading ‘India’s Top 500 Companies 2022’ and look forward to receiving your valuable feedback and suggestions. PREFACE Avinash Gupta Managing Director & CEO - India Dun & Bradstreet Dun & Bradstreet