India’s Top PSUs 2022

Experts’ View 42 India’s Top PSUs 2022 How would you describe the journey of your company since its inception? What are some of the key milestones of the company in recent years? Fearing the Cold War could result in similar information destruction as World War II, Herman Knaust opened the first “vaults” inside a depleted mine he purchased in New York on August 24, 1951 – what he called his Iron Mountain. Beginning with no more than 30 customers from a handful of industries, Iron Mountain Atomic Storage Corporation formed and stored microfilms of bank ledgers, duplicate signature cards and the balances of 200,000 depositors. Soon, many companies recognized the need to protect their important records, so our leadership in physical storage began. Fast forward 70 years, we serve more than 250,000 customers ranging from 95% of the Fortune 1000 to SMBs in 66 countries around the world. Today, Iron Mountain is the trusted partner companies rely on to protect, access, manage - and more and more to enhance the value of - billions of valued assets, including highly sensitive data, fine art and intellectual property. It is our DNA rooted in trust and service that continues to fuel everything we do. Please elaborate on some of the key products / services offered by your company? We’ve developed new technology-enabled products and solutions to address our customer’s biggest pain points, including workplace transformation, data and IT security, business process efficiency and accessibility, and sustainable products and solutions Iron Mountain to support your social impact goals. These tailored solutions fall into 5 key areas: ƒ Records Storage to safe custody of physical records ƒ Digitization of physical documents ƒ Intelligent Document Processing / Content Service Platform with auto classification that allows you to access and apply governance rules to your information from anywhere, in a truly digital and secure way ƒ End of Life Secure ITAsset Disposition to handle IT assets through their lifecycle in a secure and environmentally friendly manner ƒ Data Center Colocation services What are some of the innovative initiatives taken by your company in recent years? How have those initiatives helped your organization? Looking at the last 10 years of IronMountain globally, we took early steps in aligning with our customer requirements ƒ To continue serving companies’ growing need for electronic information storage, Iron Mountain established its Data Centers division in 2013. ƒ Demonstrating its commitment to sustainability, Iron Mountain introduced Secure IT Asset Disposition Services in 2015. ƒ For enhanced data protection, Iron Mountain introduced its multi-tiered storage offering, Iron Cloud for Enterprise Data Management, in 2017. It also achieved 100% renewable energy use in its data centers this year. Anuj Kapur , Senior Director & Head of India Region Dun & Bradstreet