India’s Top PSUs 2022

We’re celebrating our 70th anniversary this year, so it’s a bit of a milestone for us. We actually started storing critical artifacts and information, which back then was all in paper form — when I say artifacts, it included valuable paintings or other corporate memorabilia that needed to be guarded safely — in upstate New York, in caves. That was really the founding of the company, which was an underground storage business in upstate New York serving mainly financial service clients in New York. Globally Iron Mountain is storing ~95M Sq. Ft. or ~730M Cubic Ft. Global Physical Volume in ~ 1380 facilities across 60 countries. From that humble beginning, the company just grew and changed over many years, predominantly focused on records storage , either in terms of paper records or in computer tapes, as computers became more and more the means to not just analyze but to store and record data, and became globally available. We’re now in 60 countries , serving a broad range of global clients, with 950 of the Fortune 1000 as our customers , and 225,000 customers in total, but almost all, 95%, of the largest global companies are our customers . That’s how the business has changed over that time. In India we are present in 22 Cities with 80+ warehouses and 5500+ touch points to serve our 2200+ customers . Safeguarding what you value is our priority. We not only abide by the strictest industry standards—we help set them. Our industry certifications keep us ahead of new developments so we can innovate for our customers. } In India we are CMMi III,, ISO 9001 & ISO 27001, ISO 45001 certified . } We are recognized as a PRISM PRIVACY+ certified organization by i-SIGMA As we know the goal of the Indian government's flagship programme is to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy . Inline with this vision we are already serving many Public and Government Sector Organizations in India . We’ve developed new technology- enabled products and solutions to address our customer’s biggest pain points, including workplace transformation, data and IT security, business process efficiency and accessibility, and sustainable products and solutions to support your social impact goals. These tailored solutions fall into 5 key areas: } Records Storage to safe custody of physical records of PSUs and their customers } Digitization of physical documents stored with PSU Banks } Content Service Platform with auto classification that allows you to access and apply governance rules to your information from anywhere, in a truly digital and secure way } Secure ITAssetDisposition tohandle IT assets through their lifecycle in a secure and environmentally friendly manner } Data Center services , which are 100% powered by renewable power It isour objective tosupport & accelerate the Digital India flagship programme of theGovernment of India. Our 75+ years of global records & information management experience will enable us to provide outstanding records and information management services to our customers. Praveena Gundhia Commercial Director, India Dun & Bradstreet