India’s Top PSUs 2022

1 Dun & Bradstreet India is pleased to present the 2022 edition of its publication, India’s Top PSUs. The publication, in its 14 th edition, provides aggregate insights on India’s leading Public Sector Undertakings (including banks and insurance companies) and includes detailed profiles of 215 such central public sector enterprises (CPSEs). The publication also provides listing of 100 leading state PSUs in India. Since the country’s independence in 1947, the State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), also known as Government-Owned Enterprises, have been one of the crucial pillars of India’s economic growth. They have been the focal points for India’s policy making and have also shaped the country’s economic, social, and political developments. For India to achieve the target of a US$ 5 trillion economy, SOEs need to play a bigger and critical role, specifically in ensuring equitable redistribution of wealth and income, and in providing balanced regional development. Lookingcloselyat theevolutionandcontribution of SOEs, the number of operating Central PSUs across the country has increased to 255 as compared to 5 PSUs in 1951 with a total financial investment of approximately INR 22 trillion as of March 2021. They are dominantly present across core sectors like power, coal mining, oil & gas, banking, and insurance. PSUs have also contributedmorethan70%of thecountry’scrude oil production and more than 80% of India’s natural gas production. The public sector is also a key contributor to employment generation, providing employment to at least 1.3 million people as of the end of FY21. Additionally, the Preface Avinash Gupta Managing Director & CEO - India Dun & Bradstreet listed 61 PSUs market capitalization witnessed a steep 48% year-on-year growth to INR 12 trillion in FY21. This demonstrates that India’s SOEs are the primary growth engines for the nation, supporting other institutions and businesses while also contributing towards economic development and general welfare. In the last decade, India has become a significant player in the digital economy. The Government of India has taken several initiatives towards a digital future, such as ‘Digital India’, a mission to capitalize on the benefits of technological advancement. Along with the government, a number of PSUs have embraced niche technologies to drive innovation and transformation within the country. Digital technologies have significantly improved the efficiency and productivity of government and public-sector companies in areas including online transactions, government subsidy transfers, and procurement. Therefore, the public sector has been a strong catalyst for India’s rapid digital transformation. Given that technology and digitalization have a significant impact in driving optimization and efficiency across all sectors, including the public and private sectors, the central theme for the 14 th edition is ‘ Transforming the Public Sector for a Digital Future ’. Considering the theme in focus for this year, this edition of the publication features articles, interviews, and writeups dwelling on the same subject. I hope you will enjoy reading ‘ India’s Top PSUs 2022 ’ and look forward to receiving your valuable feedback and suggestions. Du & Bradstreet