Leading Mid-Corporates of India 2021

3 The pick-up in COVID-19 vaccinations coupled with simultaneous decline in new cases is enabling India’s economic recovery to gather pace. With a gradual shift in the overall economic sentiment, India’s Mid-corporates segment is also set on the recovery path. The revival in the Mid-corporates segment is largely aided by the improving demand, step up in capex plans by the government and big businesses as well as the stimulus measures announced by the government. Since the advent of the pandemic, the government has announced various measures including a special economic stimulus package of ` 20 trillion (equivalent to 10% of India’s GDP). It also announced the provision of collateral free automatic loans upto ` 3 trillion for all business. Besides, the reduction in statutory Provident Fund contribution as well as payment contribution to Employee Provident Fund by the government provided much required liquidity support to the businesses including Mid-corporates during the pandemic. In addition, various relief measures related to income tax filing, corporate affairs and GST filing eased compliance and regulatory burden especially on mid-sized businesses. All these measures have helped Mid-corporates to survive the pandemic and enabled their quick recovery after the crisis. Apart from the government support, accelerated digital transformation has been helping Mid-corporates to set on the path of sustainable recovery. With new technologies such as cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) getting more affordable and easily available, many Mid-corporates are now poised to increase their IT spending on disruptive digital technologies like data science, automated Machine Learning and AI transparency tools & systems. The affordable access to new age technologies has been enabling Mid- corporates adapt to changing customer requirements which has been strengthening their competitiveness vis-à-vis large businesses. I hope you will enjoy reading ‘Leading Mid-Corporates of India 2021’ . Dun & Bradstreet has endeavoured to take a deep dive into the domain of mid-sized businesses through the second edition of its publication ‘Leading Mid- Corporates of India’. Since 2020, we have split the erstwhile single publication into two sets of listings – Leading SMEs of India and Leading Mid-Corporates of India. The ‘Leading Mid-Corporates of India 2021’ publication features mid- sized businesses with annual standalone turnover between ` 250 crores and ` 1,000 crores in FY20. It provides listings of some of the leadingMid-Corporate businesses across various manufacturing and services sectors spread all over India. Dun & Bradstreet India will continue to support the development of Mid-Corporates segment through its future endeavours.Wewill continue to track the performance of mid- sized businesses and keep the readers updated on various developments through future editions of the ‘Leading Mid- Corporates of India’ . We hope this publication is helpful and look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions. Preeta Misra Senior Director Credibility & Business Insights Group (CBIG) & Learning & Economic Insights Group (LEIG) Dun & Bradstreet FOREWORD Dun & Bradstreet