Leading Mid-Corporates of India 2021

217 Alphabetical Listing Leading Mid-Corporates of India 2021 Sr No Company Name State / Union Territory Category 2292 Vidres India Ceramics Private Limited Gujarat Manufacturing 2293 Vidya Wires Private Limited Gujarat Manufacturing 2294 Vijay Tanks and Vessels Private Limited Maharashtra Services 2295 Vijaykant Dairy and Food Products Limited Karnataka Services 2296 Viki Industries Private Limited Tamil Nadu Manufacturing 2297 Vikram Tea Processor Private Limited Maharashtra Manufacturing 2298 Vimal Intertrade Private Limited Maharashtra Manufacturing 2299 Vinayak Oil & Fats Private Limited West Bengal Manufacturing 2300 Vinayak Steels Limited Andhra Pradesh Manufacturing 2301 Vindhya Organics Private Limited Telangana Manufacturing 2302 Vineet Polyfab Private Limited Gujarat Manufacturing 2303 Vini Cosmetics Private Limited Gujarat Manufacturing 2304 Vinod Denim Limited Gujarat Manufacturing 2305 Virchow Biotech Private Limited Telangana Manufacturing 2306 Virchow Laboratories Limited Telangana Manufacturing 2307 Virupaksha Organics Limited Telangana Manufacturing 2308 Visa Consolidated Support Services (India) Private Limited Maharashtra Services 2309 Visen Industries Limited Maharashtra Manufacturing 2310 Vishal Precision Steel Tubes and Strips Private Limited Karnataka Manufacturing 2311 Vishva Electrotech Limited West Bengal Manufacturing 2312 Visionary Rcm Infotech (India) Private Limited Tamil Nadu Services 2313 Vista Processed Foods Private Limited Maharashtra Manufacturing 2314 Visteon Electronics India Private Limited Tamil Nadu Manufacturing 2315 Visteon Technical and Services Centre Private Limited Tamil Nadu Services 2316 Viswaat Chemicals Limited Maharashtra Manufacturing 2317 Vitesco Technologies India Private Limited Maharashtra Manufacturing 2318 Viwa Drymix Private Limited Maharashtra Manufacturing 2319 VKC Nuts Private Limited Jammu & Kashmir Manufacturing 2320 Voltamp Transformers Limited Gujarat Manufacturing 2321 VRC Constructions (India) Private Limited Delhi Construction 2322 VST Tillers Tractors Limited Karnataka Manufacturing Dun & Bradstreet