Leading SMEs of India 2020

E - 2 Leading SMEs of India 2020 Experts' View The central government has announced various packages for growth revival after the pandemic. For SME and mid-corporate segment, what are the key factors which will enable their business revival and growth? The pandemic has impacted businesses across the spectrum - large, medium and small. Different industries and sectors have responded differently to the pandemic; however, the impact on the SMEs and mid- corporate segment has been more due to their limited cash reserves. WhileCOVID–19Pandemichas hadan unprecedented impact on this sector, it has also presented an opportunity American Express for MSMEs. The key factors that will drive their business revival, growth and make them future proof include – a) generation of alternate sources of liquidity, b) building cost efficiency through process efficiency and digitization, and c) focusing on building more agile business models to be in a much better control of cash flows and overall business. AMEX has established itself as one of the most promising companies across the world. What key learnings can SMEs adopt from the brand? For over 170 years, we have been a relationship company. We have a legacy of backing our customers. While times have changed and our products and services have evolved, one thing has remained constant: our commitment to putting our customers first and investing in lasting, meaningful relationships. For example, in the recent times with travel getting impacted we infused a lot of additional value in our cards through our value Injection program that generated additional savings for customers on their business spends like digital media, online spends, IT and Hardware spends. Our vision is to provide the world’s best customer experience every day. Our core brand values of service, security and trust are a guiding principle for how we behave as a company, how we treat our customers, and how we develop new, innovative products and services to deliver on our vision. These are bedrock for any successful business from which all organizations can learn. What products have been launched by the company to help SME and Mid-Corporate segment? What are its features? We offer powerful digital payment solutions for corporates of all sizes providing digitization, control and efficiency. Our offerings are suited for the current environment and all organizations specially for SMEs who are now getting on the path of digital transformation. In current times it is very critical for businesses to have Megha Chopra Country Business Head Global Commercial Services American Express is the global leader across all commercial payment segments – from small and mid-sized businesses to the largest global companies in the world. Dun & Bradstreet