Leading SMEs of India 2020

104 Leading SMEs of India 2020 Shrijee Process Engineering Works Limited Established in 1976, Shrijee is a well-known name in the international sugar industry. With clients in 28 countries, Shrijee is internationally recognized for its sugar technology expertise. Shrijee designs, manufactures, supplies, installs and commissions turnkey raw sugar factories and refined sugar factories. Shrijee also designs and supplies customized sugar processing equipment. Some of the major markets for Shrijee include: USA, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Fiji Islands, East Africa, North Africa and South Asia. Shrijee is a family owned business and that is a source of competitive advantage for them. “We respond very quickly to situations. As owner- managers, we don’t have togo through levels of hierarchy. We have our ear close to the ground. We also avoid short-term thinking. We make decisions keeping the long-term interest of the company in mind”, said Mr. G. D. Agarwal, the founder and Chairman. The second generation of the family has been educated at some of the world’s best universities. They are laser focused on building aworld-class company. “The secondgeneration is doing a very good job in introducing modern management systems. As the business has grown it is just not possible tomanage it without good systems and processes. We are fortunate that insteadof working abroad inmultinationals, our children have chosen to return back to India and are now working hard”, said Mr. Agarwal. Recently Shrijee made a presentation to the CII Center of Manufacturing Excellence on implementation of Industry 4.0 within Shrijee. “The future of manufacturing is a good combination of software, hardware and well- trained people. We are trying our best to prepare accordingly”, said Mr. Agarwal. Shrijee’s corporate headquarters are located in Mumbai. They have manufacturing facilities in Ahmednagar and Chennai. Close to 150 people are employed at Shrijee. According to Mr. Agarwal, “We want to be a magnet for the best sugar technologists and sugar engineers in India. India has some of the world’s most energy efficient sugar factories that are run by really talented people”. Shrijee was started by three brothers Mr. G. D. Agarwal, Mr. Dinesh Agarwal & Mr. Anil Agarwal. All three remain actively involved in the business. With a good combination of experienced first generation entrepreneurs and a well-trained and ambitious second generation, the future looks sweet for this sugar technology company. Shrijee Process Engineering Works Ltd A 504 Dynasty Business Park, Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri East, Mumbai - 400059. India Ph: +91-22-4050 1000 | Cell: +91-9987687111 | info@shrijee.com | www.shrijee.com Dun & Bradstreet