Leading SMEs of India 2021

5 India has emerged as the fastest growing major economy in the world with MSME sector as its growth engine. The sector has contributed around one third to India’s GDP and almost 50% to the exports in FY20. It has also been working as the catalyst of sustainable development by helping to address several socio-economic woes like unemployment, poverty, income inequalities and regional disparities. Indian MSMEs have made significant contribution in the percolation of economic growth to the weaker sections of the society. They have also boosted industrialization of rural and backward areas and have played a crucial role in nurturing entrepreneurial spirit amongst socially and economically weaker sections. As of June 30, 2021, around 37% of total MSMEs registered on Udyam portal, were owned by socially backward groups while 17% of Udyam registered MSMEs were owned by female entrepreneurs. Thus, MSMEs have been contributing substantially in achieving the wider development objectives and have become indispensable for the sustainable development of India. The 2021 edition of the publication ‘Leading SMEs of India’ provides listings of ~7500 SME businesses across various manufacturing and services sectors spread all over India. The publication also provides detailed profiles of high performing small businesses called as ‘The Select 500’ . The key objective behind profiling of ‘The Select 500’ is to recognize small businesses which have shown consistent performance over the past years and show high degree of resiliency for better growth prospects. The publication captures the pulse of Indian SMEs, the views of their business leaders and their outlook for the near future. With the world limping back towards normalcy, Indian SME sector needs to gear up to move towards buoyancy. SMEs need to focus on innovating, reimagining and reinventing their businesses to emerge stronger post pandemic. In this endeavour, revamping and realigning business plans and strategy will be essential. Moreover, conducive measures taken by the government for the sector will help in creating an enabling environment for SMEs. In this regard, apart from creating favourable credit environment for SMEs, the government has provided support in various areas including technology adoption, market promotion & development, skill upgradation, quality certification and common infrastructure development. This will help bring SMEs back on the path of recovery. Further, the launch of a unified, technology driven ‘CHAMPIONS’ platform which covers many aspects of e-governance will not only provide 360° support to SMEs but will also enable them to seize new business opportunities. All these initiatives are expected to help in the sustainable recovery of MSMEs and will also take Indian economy on high growth path. Dun & Bradstreet India will continue to provide credibility and visibility to SMEs through its future endeavours. We are confident that ‘Leading SMEs of India 2021’ will be a valuable source of insights for the stakeholders of the SME ecosystem. Dun & Bradstreet’s extensive reach will ensure that the success stories of high performing SMEs receive maximum exposure at the national and international level. I look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions. Naina R Acharya Associate Director - Data Operations, LEIG Dun & Bradstreet India EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Dun & Bradstreet