Leading SMEs of India 2022

16 Experts' View Leading SMEs of India 2022 How would you describe the journey of your company since its inception? What are some of the key milestones of the company in recent years? Journey so far has been one of learning, and we now look forward to growing more as we are in the process of setting up a new plant as so far we are producing under contract manufacturing agreements. Our parent company Apex Drug House, founded in 1979, venured into exports in 1994, exactly when Dr. Manmohan Singh, the then FM, and PM Narsimha Rao liberlised the economy and exports were given incentives. I thank all the RHR Medicare Private Limited Rajesh Gunvantrai Bhayani Director governments, including our current PM, for the policies which helps India grow. Also, in our growth journey, my brother, Mr. Apurva Bhayani, has played a big role in all aspects of the company’s growth, especially he is an expert in development of sustainable packaging. What are some of the key factors that differentiate your company from its peers? Trust is our strength, we compete in quality and our clients trust us immensely; frankly clients have a wide choice and its purely the trust on us, this is what we believe. What is your company’s growth strategy for the next 3-5 years? We are venturing into making our own manufacturing plant and have acquired the land and once ready we will share more details. We look forward to grow our company and make quality which is par to international standards, and we expect to cater to our clients and contract for local as well as international brands and contribute, to the “MAKE IN INDIA” campaign. We are also preparing for a wide range of portfolio expansion, for which trials, R&D, stability, and dossier preparation is ongoing, and some dossiers are ready for submission. Formulations is abusiness of patience, and our already submitted dossiers, as well as dossiers that are ready, will expand the company's portfolio and sales will steadily increase. Dun & Bradstreet