The COVID-19 outbreak is undeniably a great human tragedy. Besides the impact on human lives, the pandemic has already caused severe disruption to the global economy. Supply chain fallout over the COVID-19 outbreak is snowballing and impacting businesses of all size. Businesses that understand the true impact to their own operations and act proactively to diversify their portfolio of suppliers and limit their dependencies, could see far less interruption in their operations.

Dun & Bradstreet is monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak to businesses globally and can offer visibility into your supply chain as granular as on a PIN code level. From specific reports to full data and analytics, we’re here to help.

Covid -19 Impact - D&B India

We are here to help you manage risk and enable growth during this pandemic. Here are a few resources that will help you navigate the crisis:

D&B Impact Index - Global insights to help your business decisions at every step. A robust, dynamic, and integrated view of the key factors impacting your business

Free Portfolio Health Scan Report for Supply Chain and Pipeline – Helping you determine the areas of risk and opportunity for your company

Economic insights through webinars and reports to help you get a larger view of the current scenario

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COVID-19: Risk Management Challenges for Finance Leaders in H2 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak comes at a time when global economic headwinds were alreAs the pandemic develops, the role of finance leaders is also being elevated to new heights. Charged with helping to grow the business profitably and the management of an ever-increasing array of risks, the key decisions that the finance leaders take now will likely decide the sustainability of their businesses in the long term. Although many are beginning to leverage modern tools to mitigate risk, there is much work to be done to advance the effectiveness and business results of risk management approaches.

Download the slides here:

Dr. Arun Singh’s slides
Mr. Pankaj Malik’s slides
Mr. Krishnan Venkatachary’s slides

One year outlook of the economy after COVID-19 and where we are headed

The COVID-19 outbreak comes at a time when global economic headwinds were already high and threatens to disrupt the global economy with fears of recession looming in many countries. A fall in the optimism levels amidst heightened uncertainty has led to a ‘double whammy’ – closure of businesses leading to global supply chain disruptions, and a steep fall in the consumption.

However, the impact of COVID-19 outbreak will be disproportionate. While some sectors will be severely impacted, some will see a positive impact. The recovery for some sectors will be quick, whereas some will take a much longer time. Hence it is important for business leaders to be aware of these outlooks to shift sales activities to opportunities that are less likely to have disruptions and fill pipeline gaps.

Dr. Arun Singh, Chief Economist, Dun & Bradstreet India speaks on the topic, “One year outlook of the economy after COVID-19 and where we are headed”.

Finance and Third Party Compliance

D&B Iaccess

Watch the webinar for finance and third party compliance professionals: Impact of COVID-19 on businesses and the way ahead: Focusing on the new normal


D&B Iaccess

Watch the webinar for marketing professionals: Impact of COVID-19 on businesses and the way ahead: Focusing on the new normal

We conducted polls during the webinars to assess market sentiments. See the results below

Finance and Third Party Compliance

If COVID-19 were to end globally before June, how long would it take for your company’s revenue to rebound to pre COVID-19 levels?

Less than a month 0%
80% Complete
1 to 3 months 17%
65% Complete
4 to 6 months 42%
90% Complete
7 to 12 months 30%
70% Complete
More than 12 months 12%
85% Complete

Which of the following planned areas of investment are likely to be deferred or cancelled by your organisation?

Advertising & Marketing Expenditure 45%
45% Complete
Capital Expenditure 62%
62% Complete
Employee Expenditure33%
33% Complete
Operations Expenditure 21%
21% Complete
Research & Development Expenditure 11%
11% Complete
None of the above 4%
4% Complete

Are you planning to onboard alternate vendors in the light of disruptions caused by COVID-19?

45% Complete
54% Complete


How has your organisation’s web traffic changed post the outbreak of COVID-19 in India?

Decreased 35%
35% Complete
No change27%
27% Complete
Increased 38%
38% Complete

Do you foresee any change in your organisation’s marketing budget this fiscal year?

Decreased up to 10% 21%
21% Complete
Decreased beyond 10% 61%
61% Complete
Increased up to 10% 7%
7% Complete
Increased beyond 10% 11%
11% Complete
No Change4%
4% Complete

What would be your most preferred channel to populate your sales funnel?

Organic Digital 70%
70% Complete
Paid Digital 30%
30% Complete
Webinars 60%
60% Complete
Direct Mailers 50%
50% Complete
Events 10%
10% Complete
Telecalling 43%
43% Complete

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Business Optimism Index - D&B India

Business Optimism Index

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