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India's Leading Gems & Jewellery Companies


It gives me great pleasure to launch maiden publication ‘India’s Leading Gems and Jewellery Companies’. The publication highlights the performance of this sector, provides the profiles of the leading players in this sector, and points out key growth drivers of the sector. The deep insights provided by the publication emerge from UBM & D&B’s profound analysis and interactions with the various players. Given UBM and D&B’s global footprint, we are sure this publication will draw the attention of global industry leaders and policy makers.

India has emerged as the third largest economy globally after the US and China and as one of the most attractive investment destinations in the past few years. The vibrant growth of the Indian economy has come despite the ripple effects of the global financial crisis (GFC). In fact, India has been one of the few economies, besides China, which bucked the global trends following the GFC and registered low single-digit GDP growth.


India has a robust presence in the global gems and jewellery sector underpinned by strategic factors that give it competitive advantages. A strong legacy of excellence in artisanship and availability of skilled labour are some of the factors that have powered the growth of the sector at home and overseas. Furthermore, India is the largest consumer of gold and it accounts for more than 20% of global consumption of gold. Despite high dependence on imports for its raw materials, India’s gems and jewellery sector has continued to be a major exporter of gems and jewellery. This has been due to its fundamental strengths of artisanship, superiority in cutting and polishing of fine diamonds and precious stones, and cost competitiveness. These factors have made the sector a major contributor to India’s foreign exchange earnings.

The gems and jewellery sector has been a major focus area of the government owing to its preeminent position and strong contribution the country’s exports and GDP growth. Although the sector continues to be fragmented, dominated by preponderance of unorganised players, the entry of organised players in recent years has dramatically changed the face of the sector, with more consumers moving up the value chain to branded jewellery. Changing lifestyles and rapid development of modern retail spaces across tier II and tier III cities have the potential to drive growth of the organised players in the sector. Increased emphasis on branding and marketing initiatives and emerging e-commerce opportunities have helped in creating new markets and positioning the Indian gems and jewellery sector strongly at the global level.

UBM both in India & globally has been spearheading the initiatives to promote this sector through it jewellery shows & publications. These shows & publications provide the players a platform to exhibit their talent & products to the global community.

Ravi Saneja
Senior Group Director – Conferences & Business Intelligence
UBM India Private Limited