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India's Leading Infrastructur Companies 2013



Dun & Bradstreet India (D&B India) is pleased to release the sixth edition of its publication, ‘India’s Leading Infrastructure Companies 2013’. This publication aims to provide valuable information about the performances and key development of leading companies from core infrastructure sector – construction, ports, power and telecom. The publication highlights numerous initiatives of the government & other stakeholders, performance and investment plans of the infrastructure sector of the country. The publication acts as an valuable ready reference tool on India’s leading infrastructure companies.

The Indian economy is closely linked to the development of infrastructure sector. The commitment of the Indian government for growth of this sector is seen through heavy capital investment and favourable policies to encourage participation of private players. However, it is evident that the current level of investment is not sufficient to meet the demand. The government has increased the projected investment in infrastructure from Rs 24,243 billion in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan to Rs 55,747 billion in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan to bridge the gap between demand and supply in this sector.

Although India has made great strides in the past decade in the infrastructure sector, it continues to face challenges in areas of environmental clearances, land issues, delayed clearances, and financing among others. The sector needs to overcome these challenges to meet the ambitious targets of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. The government is seeking to increase investment in infrastructure through a combination of public investment and public private partnerships. Recently, it has announced several measures such as permitting several sectors for Viability Gap Funding and encouraging the development of vibrant bond market to address the long-term financing problems of the sector. The government has announced other significant steps in 2013, which include easing of external commercial borrowing norms for infrastructure companies, encouraging foreign institutional investors, qualified foreign investors, and other foreign investment in infrastructure bonds and other securities. These measures are likely to provide the necessary impetus to the sector.

D&B India will continue to cover the sector through future editions of ‘India’s Leading Infrastructure Companies’. I hope you enjoy reading ‘India’s Leading Infrastructure Companies 2013’ and look forward to receiving your suggestions.

Kaushal Sampat
President & CEO - India
Dun & Bradstreet