In the dynamic landscape of India's economic growth, Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) stand as formidable pillars, driving forward the nation's journey towards prosperity and inclusive development. In FY23, the cumulative profits of Public Sector Banks surpassed the 1 lakh crore milestone.

With a multifaceted approach encompassing economic development, innovation, and social welfare, PSUs play a pivotal role in shaping India's narrative of progress. From January 2021 to 2024, the BSE PSU Index has surged approximately 200%, outperforming the benchmark BSE Sensex, which gained 55% during the same period.

Their leadership in critical sectors of India ensures sustainable development and meets the evolving needs of the nation. This commitment extends to fostering innovation, investing in research and development, and championing inclusive growth, ensuring that the benefits of development permeate all corners of society.

About the Mega Summit -
‘PSU and Government Summit 2024’

PSUs stand as pillars of India's progress, driving forward its journey towards prosperity and inclusive development, thus catalyzing further investment and economic growth.

Recognizing the crucial role of PSUs, Dun & Bradstreet is excited to unveil the grand "PSU and Government Summit 2024" on the theme "India@2047 Vision: Powered by Resurgent Public Sector" on 23rd August 2024 at Taj Palace, Delhi, from 4 pm.

The summit will feature the launch of the publication, India’s Top PSUs 2024, along with keynote addresses by several distinguished dignitaries, encompassing representatives from the Government, relevant ministries, industry experts, and notable thought veterans and leaders. The summit will also feature the presentation of several awards across sectoral performance-based, and special recognition, along with the panel discussions.

Theme of the Summit –
"India@2047 Vision: Powered by Resurgent Public Sector"

"India@2047 Vision outlines a roadmap for India's future development. Envisioned as a 'Viksit Bharat' (Developed India), it emphasizes equal opportunities and access to basic necessities for all citizens. It is also a vision of a sustainable India, where economic growth is balanced with environmental protection."

- Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

Viksit Bharat, or Developed India, embodies Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi's visionary blueprint for the nation's comprehensive prosperity, evolving beyond mere rhetoric to become a guiding principle during India's transformative Amrit Kaal.

India has set out on an ambitious journey towards prosperity through robust infrastructure development, harnessing advanced technologies, and championing inclusive and sustainable growth, guided by the vision of India@2047.

About the Awards -
‘Public Sector Excellence Awards 2024’

The ‘Dun & Bradstreet PSU Excellence Awards 2024’, now in its 10th year, will acknowledge and felicitate the leading Central and State PSUs in India across various categories, which are largely based on business performance parameters, and also felicitate leading PSUs / Ministries for their path breaking initiatives for public goods and services delivery.

The awards will be given across the following categories:

  • CPSU/ State PSU Sectoral Awards: Categories spanning across key sectors like coal, contract & construction, crude oil, fertilizers, financial services, heavy & medium engineering, minerals & metals, petroleum, power generation, amongst others. The award will be determined based on financial performance of Central and State PSUs in FY 2023.

  • Felicitation Awards: Categories for PSUs and Government Ministries for their outstanding execution and notable accomplishments through various initiatives, schemes, and programs that demonstrated business excellence and innovation.




Points of discussion:

  • How will PSUs amplify their operational efficiency in the coming years?
  • Importance of public-private partnerships in advancing PSU development.
  • What are the supply chain and infrastructure drivers of PSU competence?
  • Role of government reforms and policies in supporting the PSU growth momentum
  • How can PSUs effectively balance economic viability with ambitious goals for sustainability and climate action?

Points of discussion:

  • Future-ready PSUs: How are PSUs embracing innovation and digital transformation?
  • Role of cloud computing in driving cost-efficiency and agility for PSUs
  • Digital Resilience: PSUs’ evolving approaches to data security and privacy
  • The Tech Advantage: Investing in key technologies to transform PSU operations

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