Leading SMEs of India 2021

28 Experts' View Leading SMEs of India 2021 How would you describe the journey of your company since its inception? What are some of the key products / services offered by the company? Thoucentric is a Management Consulting firm, specializing in Supply Chain, Sales Enablement, and Finance – using Project / Program management, Business Applications and Cognitive (AI / ML) capabilities. We focus on technology led execution while solving problems for our clients. In Supply Chain, we cover the entire gamut of Planning, Logistics, Procurement, and network design. As an extension, our Sales Enablement team focuses on process and technology for new and traditional channels to take products to the end customer. The finance practice consults in business processes and technologies of interest to CFO organization. Our business consulting team forms our business facing layer and delivers large technology and process transformation initiatives for our customers. The technology layer is provided by our Business Applications team of deep experts in technologies from companies we partner with. Thoucentric Archi Bagchi Founder & Director Our digital team of visualization experts, data and ML engineers, and data scientists, work closely with our functional consulting teams to solve problems using relevant analytics. This has helped us develop forecasting and predictive platforms in the supply chain and finance functions. We have carved out a small subsidiary “Thoucentric Labs” to focus specifically on these platforms. The journey has been full of learning and discoveries – as more and more people started believing in our sincere and hard work, combined with our intent to make a difference, the Thoucentric support system continued to strengthen. Great people joined us to work with us, great clients showed their trust to work with us; well-wishers kept connecting us to right people and we have found ourselves at right places several times. Getting opportunities like this, to appear on a DnB forum, helps looking back at our journey, but the journey has always been about looking ahead, and I hope it remains that way. What role has technology / digital transformation played in transforming your organization? We are a function, and an enabler, of digital transformation. We use technology for recruitment, HR, LnD, finance – all functions. Technologies for all sizes of enterprises are now available in the market, and that has also given companies like us the opportunity to keep our processes tight, while focusing on growing our business. We are also trying to custom-build our unique “Neon – Introspection based growth framework for employees”– a machine learning engineered application, it is an ambitious initiative for a company our size! As we participate in our clients’ digital journeys and try to adopt technology for our own business, one thing is very clear - digital initiatives are successful only when they solve the business need and need for separate business adoption initiatives gradually diminishes. What is your company’s growth strategy for next 3-5 years? We want to increase our proactive market outreach. Take our products and services to international markets. As this happens, we need to be able to provide deeper or broader, and better roles to people who have made Thoucentric what it is today and hire motivated people who will be passionate about their work at Thoucentric. We must continue to keep the customer and the customers requirement, the focus of our existence, and be nimble in the way we can deliver their solutions consistently. Dun & Bra street