Anywhere and Everywhere

Standardize your internal data and allow it to connect into the technology platform you choose, and seamlessly integrate with other data sources.

Whether you have MDM, CRM, ERP and other systems throughout your company, you need to maximize your investments by guaranteeing your data is mastered consistently across your regions, markets and your entire enterprise. Dun & Bradstreet experts can provide the solution, working with you to help your IT organization. We help you understand the value of pre-mastered commercial content delivered or streamed into your workflows, assess your master data maturity and business-use cases, and leverage industry best practices from thousands of implementations across the globe.

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Aligning your data with ours

With Dun & Bradstreet’s patented Entity Matching process, you can leverage the best approach for your organization to deliver a consistent experience across writing systems languages and deviations of naming conventions. We use both the current state of the commercial universe as well as a rich history of referential location and business data to find the best match possible. And because we are matching to a DUNS number this ensures the best identification of the commercial entity.

Benefits of D&B Master Data

As everything turns to data, let D&B master it for you.

  • 360-degree view of business relationships
  • Breaks down blind spots caused by data silos
  • Delivers new insight into an entity's family tree
  • Deeper visibility into your supply chain
  • Identifies the potential for malfeasance, fraud and risk
  • Enables you to develop more accurate business models

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