Deliver revenue growth by giving the right credit to the right prospects.

Make smart credit decisions more efficiently, keep a closer eye on your key accounts and better monitor your customers / dealers with access to Dun & Bradstreet’s Credit Assessment Solutions.
D&B’s Customized Credit Assessment Model is designed specifically for the Indian business environment and is customized to meet your company’s specific credit risk assessment needs. It is based on a detailed assessment of your customer’s / dealer’s financial and non-financial parameters such as financial position, operational performance, sales, employee size, number of years in existence and management quality.
Benefits of D&B’s Customized Credit Assessment Model to your company:
Authenticate the background of new customers / dealers before appointing them or doing business with them
Obtain a neutral assessment of the creditworthiness and business risk of each customer / dealer
Assess whether or not to issue a credit line to these customers / dealers
Frame decision rules pertaining to extending credit lines to customers / dealers based on objective criteria
Monitor credit risk of existing customers periodically to identify
High risk accounts
Deteriorating accounts
Marginal accounts that need further control


Supply Chain Solutions: A detailed company credit assessment report that will help you with;
Third Party Assessment
Improved Funding Prospect
Effective Marketing Tool
Highlight Risk Areas
Empanel with esteemed
organisations / Banks / Financial Institutes

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