Dun & Bradstreet's Trade Exchange Program is a FREE OF CHARGE, ONLINE TOOL that can help you to improve your collections and cash flow and helps decision makes REDUCE CREDIT RISK while EXPANDING BUSINESS. Dun & Bradstreet provides real-time, refreshed credit information regarding your customer's payment history. And it is very easy to participate.

Insight into the payment behaviour of your business relations.

One of the most crucial dynamic criteria for determining when, and if, a company is likely to fail is its past payment performance. Globally it has been observed that 90% of bankrupt companies exhibited delayed, fluctuating or below industry-average payment behavior. With this payment information you can get advance warning signals that may indicate a possible payment default or delay.
As part of Dun & Bradstreet's Trade Exchange Program, we collect trade experiences from industry players (called Trade Partners), combine them with information from a wealth of data sources to complete the image of a business' stability - past, present and future. This payment data is a critical component of D&B Ratings and Scores to predict payment behavior and risk of failure.
D&B's Trade Exchange Program helps management teams to improve collections and productivity, besides providing quality information to help business decision makers mitigate credit risk.

How does the D&B Trade Exchange Program work?

The Trade Exchange program is a 'shared information network' that gives you 24 hours online access to payment information on current and prospective customers across the Asia-Pacific. The D&B Trade Exchange Program works in a fairly simple manner.
  • After entering a Non-Disclosure Agreement, each Trade Partner provides their receivables data to Dun & Bradstreet on a monthly basis - this information collected from multiple sources is then used to provide an overview of the customers' payment habits.
  • In return for this data, the Trade Partner receives free of charge data that focuses on reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and risk. This information is provided to the Trade Partner through an online portal called the Trade Web Incentive (TWI) in the form of customer payment reports.
  • Each Trade Partner has an individual site set up for their own use, which can be accessed only with proper authentication.
  • Dun & Bradstreet ASSURES CONFIDENTIALITY of the data and its source. A written guarantee of confidentiality is signed by Dun & Bradstreet and issued to each Trade Participant.
Participation and access to
reports is FREE OF CHARGE...forever
Your customer data is
secure at all times
Your company's name is kept confidential at all reporting levels

What are the benefits of Trade Payment Program ?

In addition to leveraging the powerful Dun & Bradstreet Brand in your invoicing and collection process, below are additional incentives that you may also qualify for
  • An online, free of charge, user friendly, web enabled “Trade” portal
  • Participant's identity is protected
  • Complete access to trade data from India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam and Thailand
  • Early warning of customers who may pose a risk through free alerts service
  • Improve DSO and cash flow through D&B labels
  • Provision of Payment Index score which is a summary of all trade payments reported
  • Optional facility of D&B Trade Stickers, notifying customers that you provide credit information to D&B, which can improve your collections
  • Gain a macro picture of the risks and opportunities in your entire customer portfolio to help reduce delinquency, decrease operational expense and increase cash flow

Know More on Incentives

D&B Trade Portal
The Web Incentive is available to all of our participants and focuses on the following areas:
  • Analysis of payment habits of their active customer base
  • Analysis of specific customer’s payment habits
Portfolio analysis
  • Analysis of health of receivables portfolio
  • Insights into customer segment wise exposure and delay
  • Gradation of customers into risk bands to understand overall risk exposure
D&B Trade Stickers
  • You can notify your customers that you provide credit information to D&B
  • D&B will provide you stickers to place on your invoices
  • This can help immensely in your collection efforts

Did you know?

What is Global Trade?
What is Global Trade?

Global Trade is a network of data partners, around the world, providing accounts receivable updates (favorable and unfavorable payment experiences). Dun & Bradstreet has over 40 Trade Exchange Programs Worldwide, which contribute to over 1.5 Billion Trade Updates annually from over 14,000 Trade partners.

What is Trade Payment Data?
What is Trade Payment Data?

Trade Payments data contains details of a company's vendor/ supplier payments. The details include the credit terms given to a company by its vendors/ suppliers from various industries, and the customer's payment behavior, i.e. timely/ delayed payments/ defaults, etc.

Why is Trade Payment Data so important?
Why is Trade Payment Data so important?

Trade Payments Data or a company's vendor payment behavior is a highly effective indicator of a company's financial strength and management attitude.

90% of failed businesses exhibit delayed or fluctuating payments

Provides up-to-date payment habits, helping to know if a customer is using your payments for financing his working capital needs and thereby improving your operational efficiency

Significantly increases predictiveness, protecting your revenue, avoiding bad debts and improving your DSO & cash flows

How many companies are connected to the D&B Trade Exchange Program?
How many companies are connected to the D&B Trade Exchange Program?

Globally, more than 14,000 companies provide details of their payment experiences to Dun & Bradstreet. These companies are known as Trade Partners. Dun & Bradstreet annually processes details of around 400 million payment experiences globally and has details of more than 175 million unique experiences to aid your credit decisions. No other data supplier in the world has such extensive and varied payment data. The data are used to calculate the D&B Payment Score which you will find in every D&B Business Credit Report.

How do I Become a Trade Partner too?

Being a Trade Partner gives you unique benefits. As a Trade Partner, you can:
  • Ascertain how quickly your customers pay you in comparison with other suppliers.
  • Identify customers with a slow payment history and take the necessary measures in good time.
  • Identify the payment behaviour of all the customers in your customer database.
The process is simple and secure
Join the growing number of companies enjoying the benefits of the Dun & Bradstreet Trade Exchange Program.
  • E-mail confirmation from Trade Partner about participation in the program
  • Execution of the Non-Disclosure Agreement between D&B and TRADE PARTNER
  • Creation of the secure FTP link to enable secure and confidential submission of A/R (Accounts Receivables) data
  • First submission of A/R and master data
  • Creation of the Trade Web portal ID and password and access to TRADE PARTNER for unlimited usage
The Dun & Bradstreet Trade Exchange Program is easy, flexible, and trustworthy.

Highlights: Value to Trade Partners

Analyze Understand how your customers are paying you vs. others (define your level of risk)
Oranize Segment customers into various risk levels for evaluation of credit terms and / up-sell opportunities
Improving efficiencies Analyzing and organizing your customers by payment behavior, will help you optimize your risk

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