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Business credibility has become increasingly vital for companies to sustain, expand and gain new customers. Especially, in an era when even a single online review or negative complaint can threaten new sales and existing relationships. Business credibility establishes a company’s integrity, reliability, legitimacy, soundness and a host of other indicators relevant to the entity. At the most fundamental level, credibility translates into increased profitability.
To establish and maintain credibility, businesses should adopt methods to build trust and transparency with all stakeholders. For large transactions and critical business decisions, stakeholders are considering in-depth evaluation of a company’s stability and future potential. Dun & Bradstreet’s Self Evaluation Reports (SER) meets this requirement by providing an overall evaluation of the firm's creditworthiness.
These reports are prepared to meet specific needs and hence contain enhanced information and analytical content.  In addition to providing a detailed insight into the subject’s history, operations, management quality and marketing capabilities, they also provide exhaustive financial analysis, industry benchmarking and SWOT analysis to name a few.

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