Business Enterprises of Tomorrow 2022

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Mid-Corporates are the backbone of the Indian economy, contributing approximately 30% of GDP, 50% of exports and 35% of total manufacturing output of the country. They are the driving force behind many innovations with immense contribution to the entrepreneurship drive, especially in the semi urban and rural areas. Further, they develop and inculcate entrepreneurial instincts and stimulate private ownership that help national growth through investments and employment creation.

Recognizing the vital role played by SMEs and Mid-Corporates, Dun & Bradstreet is pleased to organize the ‘Business Enterprises of Tomorrow 2022’ event in November 2022. The event will feature keynote addresses by several eminent dignitaries, including representatives from the Government, Ministries/bodies, industry veterans, and other distinguished thought leaders. The event will also feature the presentation of ‘Business Excellence Awards 2022’ across several categories, panel discussion on the topic ‘Time for India’s New Age Entrepreneurship’ along with the launch of the most referred and premium publications ‘Leading SMEs of India 2022’ and ‘Leading Mid-Corporates of India 2022’.

The event will be attended by dignitaries from the Government, Ministries/bodies, CXOs and other senior representatives of leading businesses, leading financial institutions, and industry associations among others. The event will serve as a great platform to gain useful insights from industry leaders and Government dignitaries.

Theme – ‘Time for India’s New Age Entrepreneurship’

Entrepreneurship is critical to long term economic growth and development. With the significant improvement in ease of doing business rankings, India has emerged as one of the top destinations for start-ups and established SMEs and Mid-Corporates seeking to take their innovation and growth to the next level. The entrepreneurial spirit spurs SMEs and Mid-Corporates to pursue the Government’s agenda of creating an "AatmaNirbhar Bharat". As innovation is becoming the pursuit of entrepreneurship, India is on a journey to become one of the best countries in the world for driving a new-age innovative entrepreneurship driven economy.

With this context, the theme for the Business Enterprises of Tomorrow 2022 event is ‘Time for India’s New-Age Entrepreneurship’.

How is Business Enterprises of Tomorrow 2022 Different?

  • The theme of the 2022 edition of the Business Enterprises of Tomorrow event and publication will be "Time for India’s New-Age Entrepreneurship"
  • The event will feature a power-packed panel discussion on a topic pertinent to SMEs and Mid-Corporates
  • The Dun & Bradstreet SME and Mid-Corporate ‘Business Excellence Awards 2022’ will be presented across ~35 award categories

About the Publication - ‘Business Enterprises of Tomorrow 2022’

In order to showcase the critical role played by SMEs and mid-sized businesses, and to recognize their contribution to the Indian economy, Dun & Bradstreet is pleased to announce the release of two publications – ‘Leading SMEs of India 2022’ and ‘Leading Mid-Corporates of India 2022’. These publications will capture the pulse and the dynamics of Indian SMEs and Mid-Corporates. They will also feature the views of business leaders and their outlook. Companies that have reported a standalone turnover between INR 5 crore and INR 250 crore as per the latest standalone financial statements are eligible to be featured in the publication ‘Leading SMEs of India 2022’. Likewise, businesses that have reported standalone turnover between INR 250 crore and INR 1,000 crore as per the latest standalone financial statements are eligible to be featured in the publication ‘Leading Mid-Corporates of India 2022’.

The publications will be circulated among CXOs of leading corporates globally, SMEs and Mid-Corporates, and Government Ministries. There will be an extensive digital campaign to promote and circulate the publication. Furthermore, the publication will also be available on the Dun & Bradstreet website for download.

The publications feature:

  • Listings and profiles of SMEs and Mid-Corporates that have demonstrated consistent performances in the past three financial years
  • Overviews section providing in-depth analysis on SMEs
  • Thematic article
  • Success stories, case studies, and interviews of leading SMEs and Mid-Corporates

About the Awards - ‘Business Excellence Awards’

The Dun & Bradstreet SME and Mid-Corporate ‘Business Excellence Awards 2022’ is an endeavour to acknowledge and recognize the achievements and exemplary performances of SMEs and Mid-Corporates. The award covers ~35 categories, which are largely based on business performance parameters.

Eligibility Criteria: The following are eligible to apply –

  • For awards, businesses with annual standalone turnover between INR 5 crore – 250 crore as per FY21 standalone financial statements will be considered eligible under the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) category
  • For Awards, businesses with annual standalone turnover between INR 250 crore – 1,000 crore as per FY21 standalone financial statements will be considered eligible under the Mid-Corporates

Details Required:

  • Annual Reports / Audited Financial Statements (mandatory) for FY21, FY20 and FY19 along with the schedules / notes to accounts
  • Completed nomination forms along with valid required documents will qualify companies for the purpose of publication and business excellence awards


  • Businesses with annual standalone turnover below INR 5 crore are not eligible
  • Businesses involved exclusively in trading activities are not eligible to apply for the awards
  • Last date to submit the nomination form is October 10th, 2022.

Dun & Bradstreet uses a proprietary model, based on financial parameters such as total income, profit, net profit margin and growth parameters, among others, to evaluate the performance of companies in each award category. Winners are then chosen on the basis of an overall composite score.

To nominate your company Click here

About the Panel Discussion - Time for India’s New Age Entrepreneurship

The event will also feature a panel discussion on the central theme of the event ‘Time for India’s New Age Entrepreneurship’. This panel discussion will offer a great platform for the industry veterans, Government dignitaries and thought leaders to provide their valuable insights.

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