Maximize your sales productivity

There was a time when sales productivity was more about who you knew than what you knew. But those days are long gone, as maximising sales productivity now depends much more on joined-up data.
Organizations have traditionally mined internal customer data to prepare market segmentation & sales planning strategies. This would typically give insights on revenue derived, industry details, location spread of existing customer base, etc. Sales intelligence, marketing departments of global organizations are constantly striving to assess the exact market penetration & discovery of new potential customers / industries which could be tapped by sales force. The attempt is usually hindered by two factors – Geographic Reach and skill sets to perform sophisticated analysis & lack of total business universe data, i.e. Customers as well as Prospects.
Dun & Bradstreet Sales Intelligence services bridges exactly this gap by combining its exhaustive business information coverage – domestic & international to perform complicated custom analytics basis the end objective specified by the customer

Selling is a science that depends on educated market insight

Your sales teams are a valuable and expensive resource that needs to be tasked efficiently – and their sales productivity can be dramatically improved if they’re given access to right insights.
Some of the illustrative scenarios where global customers have leveraged Dun & Bradstreet’s custom analytics services for superior targeted marketing are:
  1. Predicting the propensity for cloud technology products adoption for a multinational software product organization
  2. Derive a model to determine list of prospects from existing pipeline which are most likely to convert as customers for a global technology hardware manufacturing organization
  3. Assist account management by forecasting total bookings for a global network equipment device manufacturer
  4. Estimate telecom spend on data & voice for a defined set of enterprise prospect list for a global telecom company

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