India's Top 500 Companies 2016

India's Top 500 Companies 2016


Kindly give us the brief of various products and services offered by your company? Which sectors of the Indian economy does your company currently serve?

ABM is a Software and Services company with a focus on providing e-governance software and solutions to Indian customers for past 18 years. We are front-runners in enabling e-governance in India with several successfully sustained projects. ABM?s various e-governance solutions deliver 27+ million Citizen Services per year as compared to 4.2 million in 2010 and growing. We are owners of several trademarks and re-usable software frameworks in the e-governance segment. Our key offerings are e-municipality software, GRP-A Govt Resources Planning product, SAP Practice, Property Tax, Capital Value Reforms and Automation, Double Entry Accounting Reforms and Automation, Water Billing and Accounting Solutions and Tourism Portal. We are category leaders in e Municipality and hence we hope to play vital role in Smart City initiative of Government of India.

Government is increasingly focusing on driving e-Governance projects across various departments. How does you company plan to tap these opportunities and aid the e-governance initiatives?

While e-Governance has attracted a lot of focus from the IT industry in last couple of years, ABM has been working in this sector with a sharp focus, since 1998. Success of e-Government projects depends not only on the technological skills but also on in-depth knowledge of government processes. ABM is one of the few companies in India which possesses the blend of both these skills. E-Government projects have capacity to transform the functioning of the Govt. department provided sustainable Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is carried out. ABM has successfully demonstrated this in most of its e-Government projects in sectors like Urban Administration, Utilities and Citizen/Consumer services. ABM offers eGovernance solutions, with many services offered online and on mobile, e.g. enquiring the status of applications, query of dues and making online payments, searching and viewing any registration details, filling RTI query and checking the response received, clicking a photo and uploading through GPS to update the progress of building construction or any building permission, etc. We will be focusing on areas like Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) and Security. We will also be strengthening our new product offering, i.e. GRP, through a newly formed Strategic Business Unit (SBU).

What are the emerging trends in information, communication and technology industry? How does your company plan to keep up with these trends?

Advancement and application of information technology are ever changing. Some of the trends in the information technology where ABM is emerging are as follows:

Could you share your thoughts on how the Indian e-Governance IT industry could shape up by 2020 in terms of market size and new markets?

The government is driving Digital India program, focusing on improving ease of doing business along with delivering essential services in a time-bound manner. With this focus, IT platform will be inevitable for Government functioning. It can open doors on young and veteran IT entrepreneurs in spaces like IT services and BPR,ITeS, IT products and in areas of SMAC. With proliferation of mobiles and catching up of Aadhaar enrolment, India has unprecedented opportunity to leverage the combination of Mobile-Aadhaar-Bank account for effective implementation of various government schemes as well as delivery of G2B or G2C services. This will open a new paradigm in Indian context and can jump many stages of making direct delivery of citizen benefits.