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Assess risk and creditworthiness in real-time

D&B Direct for Finance is an application programming interface (API) that integrates Dun & Bradstreet insight and capabilities directly into your systems and workflows and cuts through complexities to reduce friction in your overall quote-to-cash process.

D&B Direct for Finance Features

Financial Insights

Reduce credit risk, identify hidden opportunities, and in turn improve your cash flow with insights on the financial performance of a company

Automated Decision-making

Automated decision making by using company financial statement to help you manage receivables, risk and collection priorities

Better Financial Decisions

Faster and better finance decisions with synchronized flow of information across systems

Streamlined Processes

Faster due diligence with streamlined processes for new deals and acquisitions

Better Opportunities

Transform finance from “sales inhibitor” to “sales enabler” with a shared view of risk and opportunity

Seamless Integration

Availability of all financial data within ERP and accounting applications

Impact of D&B Direct for Finance

Having a multitude of information on customers is considered valuable. However, are you drawing the most actionable insights from it? It is often difficult to quickly access customer intelligence, which ends up lengthening your sales cycle.

The video explains how our customers have seen a 20% reduction in the average cost of a sale.

How Direct for Finance works?

D&B Direct for Finance offers a scalable, RESTful API technology that provides millisecond response times, timely delivery of company financial data, and secure transactions via HTTPS. It provides faster, easier and more efficient integration directly into your enterprise applications whether they are ERP/CRM systems (SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.), specialty finance and accounts receivables solutions, or any in-house, homegrown, or other systems that support API integration.

How D&B Direct for Finance Works

Value Added Products & Solutions

Global Financials

Global Financials

A standard set of global finance reports to help you conduct comparisons between companies spread across various countries.

Credibility & Business Insights Group

Credibility & Business Insights Group

Gain your stakeholders confidence for increased business opportunities and establish your brand credibility.

Project Appraisal Services

Project Appraisal Services

Helps to assess new, expansion and stressed projects. Establish techno-economic viability with a detailed project assessment report.

Trade Exchange Program

Trade Exchange Program

Powerful insights into payment patterns through Dun & Bradstreet's global trade data partners. Learn more about customer payment pattern.

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