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Why Do You Need CCO Solutions?

CCOs are tasked with navigating an increasingly complex regulatory environment. While some realise the benefits of technology and data driven approach to compliance management, many are yet to catch up. By harnessing technology and exploiting on-demand, timely, accurate, and reliable data sources that pull together global corporate linkage on business entities and personal share ownership, you can be confident that you have achieved the single customer view that you need to meet compliance challenges and mitigate reputational risk. With a global coverage of over 450 million businesses, Dun & Bradstreet's CCO Solutions are uniquely positioned to deliver the trusted data you need to support your due diligence needs - from initial onboarding checks to ongoing customer monitoring.

How Can Our CCO Solutions Help You?

Drive efficiencies in your due diligence processes

Decrease the need for multiple reference sources

Lower the cost of meeting compliance

Keep a constant check on entities to ensure compliance with global regulations and sanctions

Automate manual efforts of compliance risk assessment and onboarding

Authenticate the background of new customers / dealers before doing business with them

Protect your business against risk and prevent business disruption

Choose from our Wide Range of Offerings for All Your Business Needs

D&B Onboard

Get robust firmographic, operational and financial data and checks against OFAC, AML, PEPs watchlists and other compliance sources at your fingertips

Supply Management Solutions

Detailed assessment of your customer or dealer, based on financial and non-financial parameters like financial position, operational performance, sales, employee size, vintage and management quality

Compliance Solutions

A comprehensive suite of services that help protect a company's equity and reputation by uncovering hidden risk and improving efficiency through objective fact-based guidance

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