Why Master Data?

Master data is the most important data you have. It’s the information about your customers, suppliers, partners and prospects. It is fundamental to understanding your business entities and commercial transactions — and gives you a clear view of the building blocks of your relationships. Dun & Bradstreet helps you with master data management by providing the foundational elements (entity management, hierarchies and linkage) aligned to meet your business objectives. With Dun & Bradstreet’s pre-mastered commercial content, you get one clear picture of your business universe with de-duplicated records, additional company data and related businesses linked in corporate families.

Everything You Touch Today
Turns to Data

You are leveraging data in new ways across your enterprise; from finance, marketing and technology to sales. You're looking to use data and technology at scale and to engage with customers, vendors and partners to gain competitive advantage. However, with the overwhelming volume and velocity of data, what should be creating great insights is creating chaos. At Dun & Bradstreet, we help you find the truth across all your data silos.

Providing Value on Your Master Data Management Journey

Dun & Bradstreet helps you create a trusted view of your customers, prospects and vendors across your systems, regions and departments. We offer the breadth and depth of content that makes our firmographic data even more meaningful. Regardless of where you are on your Master Data Management (MDM) and data integration initiatives, we provide the value you need. Just ask the 90% of the Fortune 500 companies who use us.

We Help You Master Your Data

We have the organisational data structure to connect your disparate sources, the deep data and global coverage you expect, and the dependable quality and consistency you require for your master data content. With D&B Master Data, you have the ability to connect and integrate through multiple systems or workflows, enterprise partners across your ecosystem and a growing network of software alliances and syndicated data sources.

Standardise Your Data Structure

Unlock the potential of your data — with your commercial entities connected to our organisational foundation.

Achieve global consistency. From a universal standard for business identification to discovering the value of interconnected relationships to supporting industry classifications and standard geographies, we have you covered.

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Deepen Your Knowledge of Business Entities

Getting a clear picture of the entities you do business with is critical for business success.

If you want to grow your most valuable relationships, you require a trusted view of them — one that offers both the global breadth of harmonized data from more than 190 countries and the local depth of D&B’s pre-mastered commercial content.

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Master Data You Can Trust

Collecting, enhancing and enriching data to ensure it is always high quality, dependable and consistent.

We give you the data confidence to make profitable decisions for your business by our relentless focus on data quality and governance and the DUNSRight™ Quality Process of aggregating data from a range of global sources.

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Connect Data Across Your Ecosystem

Maximise your investments — ensure master data consistency across regions, markets and your enterprise.

From our patented Entity Matching process to our delivery options that integrate into all types of systems to working with best-in-class workflow providers, we help you maximise your investments and seamlessly integrate with other data sources.

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You can learn more about D&B Master Data solutions here.

To know more about D&B Master Data Solutions, you can drop a mail to india@dnb.com or contact +91-22-3348-8866.

Every department of every organisation has data stored in different formats across different systems and across geographies. Often the same data is stored across multiple systems which are not in sync with each other, resulting in data residing in silos creating redundancy over a period of time. D&B Master Data Solutions uses a unique matching algorithm that cross references your data against our D-U-N-S Number which is a unique business identifier. This way you get a clear view of who you are doing business with.

There are several master data management tools available but they can only de-duplicate data. With the help of our Matching algorithm, not only does it de-duplicate your data, but it also gives you a clear unified view of your customers, vendors, prospects, etc. It shows you the corporate family tree that an organisation belongs to. This helps you identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities effectively.

Every team across any organisation has a need for a unified Master Data. Effective decision making necessitates that data across the enterprise should be consistently interpreted and inherently trustworthy. So, it is imperative for data across the organisation / across teams to be consistent and cohesive. A centralised approach to the master data is most effective. D&B solutions can help you with mastering your legacy data and keeping it refreshed along with systems to ensure that every new record being created also falls in line.

D&B has a Data Cloud of over 400MN records globally. In addition, D&B has built and mastered matching algorithms that identify similarities in data to enable a comparison between your data and D&B’s pre-mastered commercial content. There are a variety of mechanisms through which Master Data solutions can be implemented which include batches as well as APIs. To know more, reach out to us on +91-22-3348-8866 and select the option for Sales & Marketing Solutions. Our associates will help answer your queries.

There are multiple benefits of having a Master Data Solution in place. Our solutions enable you to have a cleansed, integrated base of customers, prospects, vendors across the organisation. This is the key to having a 360-degree view of business relationships to help data-enabled decision making which is aimed at -

Getting ‘One-customer’ view by uncovering and linking related customer accounts

Reduce operating costs by linking interrelated suppliers and increasing purchasing power

Setting up and maintaining a ‘Quality Core’

Revenue growth

More effective sales & marketing (ABM, cross-sell/up-sell, segment targeting, etc.)

Reducing risk by limiting exposure to certain segments

Operational efficiency gains

Better, more consistent customer interactions (credit decisioning, customer care, etc.)

Deeper visibility into supply chain

Corporate Linkage reveals the scope and footprint of an enterprise, based on ownership or control. D&B Corporate Linkage reflects hierarchical relationships between entities or sites within a corporate family. It provides a complete view of group companies which would help in the following ways:

Identifying businesses associated to existing clients to uncover new prospects

Identify businesses trading from the same address

Understanding the full potential of your best clients

Assessing total exposure / risk to any particular organisation

Identifying ‘hidden’ exposure when dealing with more than one member of a group

Assessing threats / opportunities in pricing if dealing with several members of one group

Identifying / avoiding conflicts of interest

Value Added Sales and Marketing Solutions

Master Data

Unlock the potential of your data by aligning your data foundation (entity management, hierarchies and linkage) to meet your business objectives

D&B Hoovers

Create a faster path from prospect to profitable relationship with D&B Hoovers

Data as a service

Dun & Bradstreet offers a portfolio of enabling capabilities for commercial entity mastering. So why do all the work yourself?

Sales Intelligence

Sophisticated business insights to keep future opportunities in sight


Identify Your High Value & High Risk Customers to improve profitablility.

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