Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) is the world's leading source of business information and insight. Since 1841, D&B has collected information about businesses to deliver products and services that assist our customers in making critical commercial decisions. D&B’s global business database contains more than 360 million business records.


What Information Do We Collect and Why?

D&B processes data so that it can supply commercial data about organizations to other organizations. The purpose of this processing is to enable businesses to manage their financial risks, protect against fraud, know who they are doing business with, meet compliance and regulatory obligations and better understand organizations, industries and markets. We also license or sell professional business contact information for marketing and data management purposes.


Therefore, we collect information on businesses and business professionals. This is our “Commercial Data” and includes the following examples:

·         Company and business professional contact information, including name, job title, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, domain names, and trade associations;

·         Detailed company profiles and statistics, including number of employees;

·         Background information regarding company management, such as beneficial ownership/persons of significant control, the educational and career histories of company principals;

·         Company operational histories, including territories, subsidiaries, affiliates, and lines of business;

·         Detailed trade and business credit information, including payment histories and patterns;

·         Business information regarding profitability, debts, assets, net worth, and business relationships;

·         Business compliance information from public source government and professional records, media and business publications; 

·         Newspaper and media reports of criminal convictions.


D&B does not seek to collect any information in relation to an individual’s (including the European resident’s) race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health, sex life or sexual orientation, genetic or biometric data.


Our data originates from:

·         Organizations providing information directly to us;

·         Creditors and suppliers of an organization;

·         Data vendors;

·         Governmental and administrative public records such as business registrations, company filings, court and bankruptcy filings;

·         Public sector information (e.g. Charity Commission, Company Registrars);

·         Regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies;   

·         D&Bs World Wide Network Partners.

·         Unless our customers have explicitly agreed otherwise, we do not obtain personal data from the data our customers supply us with in order to provide them with a service. Data that our customers have provided us with in order for us to provide a service to them is processed in accordance with the “Handling Customer’s Data” section below.


Who do we share this information with?

We share our Commercial Data (and that may include personal data) we collect with:

·         Worldwide Network Partners – independent business information providers across the world with whom we have entered into commercial agreements to help achieve a leading competitive position internationally in providing business information;

·         Customers – businesses and organizations with whom we enter into agreements to license or access our data.  Our customers enter into agreements or licenses with us because they wish to manage their financial risks, protect against fraud, know who they are doing business with, meet compliance and regulatory obligations, better understand organizations, industries and markets or carry out direct marketing;

·         Resellers – we license information to authorized resellers and third-party businesses for reselling;

·         Service providers – such as credit card processors, auditors, advisors, consultants, live help/chat providers and contractors, in order to support Dun & Bradstreet Site and business operations. We contractually require these recipients to only use personal data for the intended purpose of the disclosure and that they destroy or return it when it is no longer needed.


We may also disclose personal data:

·         As required or appropriate in order to protect our website, business operations or legal rights, or in connection with a sale or merger involving D&B assets or businesses. (In the event that D&B is purchased or sells parts or all of the business, the information collected will be considered an asset that can be transferred).

·         To a court, tribunal administrative authority law enforcement agencies, regulatory authorities or government agencies. If based in a country outside the EU we would only comply with such a request if there was an international agreement (such as a mutual legal assistance treaty) in place.



We use the information we obtain in order to produce scores and ratings such as D&B’s Failure and Delinquency Scores, the D&B Rating, D&B’s Maximum Credit and the D&B Payment Score. We may also carry out customized profiles for our customers. We use highly developed scoring models and algorithms, based on previous similar circumstances, adverse events and economic forecasts to produce a score.

We recommend to our customers how to interpret and use our scores. Our customers may choose to use our scores alone or combine the scores with other information available to them. Their decision making will be based around whether to insure or market to, extend credit, acquire, trade or partner with a business. Our scores predict whether a business is likely to continue trading, pay its bills on time, receive credit, whether they would be likely to purchase a product or service, where they benchmark within their industry or whether they are subject to any specific risks. We do not make any decisions about an organization – we do not hold blacklists and we do not tell our customers whether to trade with an organization.


International transfers

If the personal data is transferred to recipients outside India, we are required to comply with the extant laws of India i.e., Information Security (Reasonable Security Practices and procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011, and enter into data transfer agreements, if required, for such transfers.


Data Retention

Personal data is stored for varying lengths depending on the nature and purpose for which it was collected. We store personal data in line with any applicable statutory minimum periods, and then review it periodically (usually annually) to ensure it is still necessary to be retained for the purpose for which it was collected. Where there is a statutory maximum for which data can be retained, we can delete accordingly on expiration.


Grounds of Processing

In technical legal terms we process personal data under the ground of “legitimate interest”. D&B’s legitimate business interest is the supply of commercial data (and the marketing of our business). The purpose of this processing is to enable businesses to manage their financial risks, protect against fraud, know who they are doing business with, meet compliance and regulatory obligations and better understand organisations, industries and markets. We also licence or sell professional business contact information to authorized resellers or organisations for marketing and data management purposes.


Data Subject Rights

You have the right to request from us confirmation of whether we are processing your personal data, and if so access to that information. This may take up to 30 days.

If any of your personal data is inaccurate you have a right to request rectification. We are very keen to ensure the data we hold is accurate and up to date.

You have the right to object to our processing and/or request it is deleted or restricted. In considering our response we undertake to ensure your interests, fundamental rights and freedoms are properly balanced against our legitimate interests. We will also look at whether it is still necessary to process your data for the purpose it was collected.

Before we are able to provide you with any information or correct any inaccuracies we may ask you to verify your identity and to provide other details to help us identify you and respond to your request.


For the above you may reach out to D&B on Serviceindia@DNB.com


Objecting to receiving direct marketing:

We will always observe your objection to receiving either our marketing or to us passing on your contact details to third parties for their direct marketing purposes.


For the above you may reach out to D&B on Serviceindia@DNB.com explicitly mentioning your requirement.


Additional rights In relation to credit reporting

Statutory Report

If your organization is unincorporated (e.g. you are a sole trader) or a small partnership firm, you can contact us on Serviceindia@DNB.com to obtain a copy of your credit report based on the information we hold about you at our prevalent price list, and again we may ask you to provide certain information to allow us to identify your file.


Notice of correction

Any organization can ask us to correct, remove or amend any information on their report by contacting us on Serviceindia@DNB.com. We will contact you within 30 days of receiving your email to let you know that we have either removed or amended the entry, or taken no action.


Handling our Customers’ data

Sometimes our customers provide us with their business data, such as their customer, supplier or prospect data   – which may contain personal data -  in order for us to provide them a service.  In these instances we are the processor of any personal data contained in their data. Different parts of the India data privacy laws apply when we act as a processor and we take these obligations very seriously. The above  notice does not apply to our data received from our customers as this does not become D&B data (unless the customer has expressly agreed to this). We handle the data our customers provide us in strict accordance with the agreement found here  - and only for the purposes of this agreement.


Updating this Privacy Notice

We strive for continuous improvement in our services, processes and protecting data subject rights. We will therefore update this privacy notice from time to time. Therefore, we advise you to check this notice on a regular basis, or if requested we will send it to you on a regular basis.  We are also happy to provide previous versions of this Notice on request.



All complaints or concerns and appropriate resolution relating to the practices of handling personal information may be logged. Any complaints of this nature should be made to Legal & Compliance Team at Dun & Bradstreet Information Services India Private Limited, ICC Chambers, Saki Vihar Road, Powai, Mumbai - 400 072.



Some of the information we collect may be classified as “personal data” under European Union (EU) law as it is information relating to an individual (e.g. a sole trader, a partnership, a company director, a beneficial owner, a trustee, a professional contact etc). This privacy notice provides the information we are required to give in relation to the processing of personal data under EU law.


This privacy notice is produced in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and applies to all Dun & Bradstreet companies registered in the EU and those outside the EU when they carry out business information activities on residents of the EU or offer goods or services to businesses in the EU. The Data Protection Officer for D&B can be contacted on EUDPO@dnb.com.

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