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Ultimate Risk Management Solutions

Good risk management practices start with understanding who you are in business with. Since 1841, companies have trusted Dun & Bradstreet to help them reduce bad credit risk, gain deeper insights into customer performance, optimise cash flows and understand counter party better. Dun & Bradstreet’s AI driven products and solutions are designed to help you extend and maintain the right amount of credit. With quicker identification of risk, you can predict which clients can pay you on time.

Get Clarity Across the Company and Reduce Tension between Risk and Opportunity

Whether your portfolio spans a city, a country or the globe, or whether it’s your suppliers, trade partner or client, Dun & Bradstreet delivers the risk management insights to grow your most profitable relationships. By combining your insights with our own, we facilitate a global, unified view of your customers across credit and collections. Working with Dun & Bradstreet, you also will enhance your risk assessment in business by: Developing tools to efficiently manage all relationships, leading to more thoughtful investments, extending credit facility and providing a buffer against potentially damaging business relationships.

Risk Management Solutions

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Supplier Risk Management Solutions

Supplier Risk
Management Solutions

It helps you to manage the most reliable suppliers to protect your business against risk, prevent business disruption, and meet diversity, green, and compliance requirements.

D&B Credit

D&B Credit

Make smart credit decisions faster, keep a watchful eye on accounts and monitor portfolio trends. Comprehensive, intuitive and dynamic.

Credibility and Business Insights Solution

Credibility Report

Gain your stakeholders confidence for increased business opportunities and establish your brand credibility.

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Other Value Added Products & Solutions

Project Appraisal Services

Enables you to carry out an exhaustive assessment of medium to large scale projects with a comprehensive insight of key risk factors

D&B Compliance Solutions

Assess, investigate and monitor third parties for potential risk. Learn more about our compliance solutions.

D-U-N-S Number

Learn what the D-U-N-S Number is and how you can use yours to grow your business.

D&B Direct for Finance

D&B Direct for Finance

Consolidated Financial Statements - A powerful API that connects market-leading data and analytics to your enterprise applications.

Global Financials

Global Financials

A standard set of global finance reports to help you conduct comparisons between companies spread across various countries.

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